Emoji Sticker Pack


Express yourself with our Emoji Sticker Pack, featuring a vibrant collection of expressive emojis in a variety of colors. This pack includes emojis such as the frowning face, slightly smiling face, grinning, frowning, open mouth, cry, blush, satisfied, kissing heart, dizzy face, triumph, wink, joy, confounded, confounded rip, angry open mouth, stuck out tongue closed eyes, heart eyes, stuck out tongue winking eye, sob, disappointed, relieved, sweat smile, stuck out tongue, and neutral face.

Each emoji is thoughtfully designed in a range of captivating colors, including steel-blue, red-brick, dark-violet, grey, blue-sky, green-sea, blue-violet, yellow, lime, and pink. Whether you want to express sadness, happiness, excitement, or love, our emoji stickers have you covered.

What makes our Emoji Sticker Pack even more versatile is the availability of two variants for each emoji. Choose between a filled color variant or a transparent variant with lines of the same color. This gives you the flexibility to add these emojis to any background or design seamlessly.

Enhance your digital and physical expressions with our Emoji Sticker Pack. Let your emotions shine through with a wide range of expressive options. Get creative, have fun, and add a touch of personality to your conversations with these delightful emoji stickers.

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