Digital Planners for Goodnotes, iPad and Android Tablets


Ready to get started with the digital planning to take your planning experience to the next level and make the most of your iPad or Android tablet? Browse the selection of all-round digital planners for Goodnotes, Notability, Noteshelf, Xodo, or similar digital note-taking apps that will allow you to take notes, enjoy digital handwriting and significantly improve your personal organizational skills and productivity with your tablet easily.

Enjoy the collection of the best digital planners and notebooks that are compatible with your iPad or Android tablet and provide exceptional experience when it comes to planning and note-taking. Create a personalized cover and make digital planner work for you now!

Daily Digital Planners

These daily digital planners come with a great bunch of wonderful layouts designed to help you keep track of all the important things easily and stay focused on what matters the most during every single day. Download a dated planner for your tablet in one or another color option - white or dark theme - and start using it asap. Use digital planner just like paper planners one and enjoy the additional comfort and versatility thanks to the digitalization.

Weekly Digital Planners

Keep track of all your tasks, meetings and appointments for the week with the weekly digital planner that has all the necessary pages to help you capture, plan and track everything that matters fast. It enables you to become more productive, organize your life and have a clear roadmap towards your goals without guessing what to do next. Download PDF with hyperlinks, upload it to your favorite app and start using today, with Apple or Android tablet.

Digital Calendars

Are you into mid-term and long-term planning? Browse the selection of the best monthly digital planners and get your digital planner 2024 2025 to keep everything organized and make next year your most productive year yet. Enjoy a bunch of hyperlinks throughout your personal calendar planner that simplify and accelerate navigation as well as cool design, available in two themes: light and dark.

Undated Digital Planners

Budget Planners

Digital Planners for Work & Business

Recipe Books

Love cooking? Then you might need to have a good selection of recipes. These digital planners were designed to help you organize your recipes by categories and capture new ideas easily. Download hyperlinked PDF, upload it to your iPad and start using with Goodnotes, Notability or similar note-taking apps to upload photos, write down recipes and make meal plans on the go.

Meal Planners

Go digital and get digital meal planner for your iPad or Android tablet to start planning your meals, manage grocery lists and capture the best recipes that are worth trying one day easily. These planners work perfectly well with Goodnotes and Notability apps so make sure to get one before downloading one of these.

Fitness Planners

Need some structure in your fitness life? Download fitness digital planner designed to help you take yourself for a 12-week fitness challenge and keep track of your progress and goals easily and in one place. Upload this planner to your iPad or Android Tablet and start using it right now with Goodnotes, Notability, Noteshelf or Xodo.

Workout Planner

Weight Loss Planner

Wellness & Self-Care Planners

Improve your life and take your health, happiness, and overall well-being to the next level with these planners. They are not only hyperlinked and easy to use for effective scheduling but also have the Wellness & Self-Care section that is filled with super valuable layouts to help you pursue the life you wish to have. Make your planner a work of art by getting the sticker collection. There is also a dark theme wellness planner that has fewer layouts.

Digital Gratitude Journal

Enjoy the selection of the digital gratitude journals available in Dark and Light themes. This journal provides all the necessary pages to help you improve your well-being and express gratitude to people you know and things you have. The journal supports the functionality of a regular digital planner allowing you to use it with an Android tablet or with popular for iPad tablet users iOS app Goodnotes 5 which allows you to make nites with Apple pencil and so much more.

Life Planners

Get organized across all spheres of your life with the ultimate life planner for Notability and Goodnotes. Download this custom digital planner and upload it to your iPad or Android tablet to start using it right now. Schedule things out, set goals and reminders, keep track of what you set out to do and become more successful than ever.

Goal Planner

The goals are achieved when they are organized properly. These planners were designed to help you attain your most ambitious goals faster and easier. Choose the theme that you like, dark or light, customize the cover and download the digital planner for your note-taking apps now.

Teacher Planners

Student Planner

Take your studying experience to the next level and become more efficient and organized at school with the student digital planner. This planner consists of all the essential pages for successful studying. It's available in dark and light themes so you can choose the one that you like the best. Download now and start planning the right way right now.

Bullet Journal

Let's take bullet journal to the digital world. These digital journals for iPad and Android tablets are designed to help you take journaling to the next level and fully enjoy taking notes with your stylus and tablet. Download now and start using asap.

Other Planners


We live in the great times when the beautiful devices along with the useful digital tools, technologies and apps provide us with the unique opportunity to bridge the gap between physical and digital and enjoy endless note-taking without wasting any paper or ink. All in all, these custom digital planners ate designed to help you do just that. Buy a digital planner to organize whatever you want in a simple manner and stay productive across all areas of your life.

OnPlanners digital planners, notebooks and journals

Each planner and notebook has a hyperlinked structure where each tab or date has a hyperlink that takes you to a corresponding planner page, subject or part of your planner in one easy click. Depending on the topic, each digital planner has its own unique set of pages ranging from universal set of daily, weekly, monthly, goal, meal, budget planning and dotted pages to more specialized planners like weekly, daily, goal and meal planners or dot grid journals.

Choose your digital personal planner, perfect organizer that will help you with your goals and needs and personalize it in record time to start using ASAP. After the purchase you’ll get access to the planner and a collection of covers where you’ll be able to personalize your digital planner cover, add custom text and get it downloaded in PDF format to later import to your device (iPad or another tablet). All in all you can get the planner that looks just like you want it to because you create personally. Get it customized to your own preferences in record time by choosing the start day of the week (Monday or Sunday), your planner date range and a unique cover and adding your own text on it. Enjoy the interlinked structure of the planner, clickable tabs, well-thoutht-out hyperlinks and buttons and use the planner to plan and organize your tasks, appointments, meetings and chores. Whether you're using iPad Pro or Android Tablet, you can take notes and navigate to pages with your stylus or finders - the note-taking apps respond to either touch.

All the planners in this collection come in landscape or album format. The vertical layouts are to be added yet. 

Please also make sure to check digital planners on my Etsy shop or enjoy other collections of planner templates and PNG stickers at my shop as they also work with planner apps. Search for tips on how to use these tools on YouTube. Get separate templates or go for a complete collection with the unlimited access to all existing and future planner templates.

Ready to start using your new 2024 digital planner Goodnotes? Wait no longer and get your eager hands on one of these wonderful tools. Besides you can find iPad-friendly planenr templates that feature daily planner pages, weekly planner spreads, yearly calendar, dated and undated formats - all the planner pages you've ever found on Pinterest are available here.


Digital Planners...YES!!! Thank you!! I did try a couple of different note apps for my Android tablet for this download. If you are having trouble with apps to use with them I highly recommend the Foxit PDF app which allows you to utilize the planner as it was designed to do and it was free. I highly DO NOT recommend the Squid app because it will not allow you to utilize the planner the way it was designed and in order to export the PDF file to use it costs.


I've been able to use it perfectly with the Samsung Notes app!


Can anyone get the hyperlinks to work in GoodNotes?



Yep, as a solution, you have to tap to one icon to switch to annotating mode. Video.


What is the lined spacing for each type of page? 



Hi! It depends on your device and scale setting.

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