BOOX Note Air Planner Templates


This selection of the best planners for ONYX BOOX devices contains everything you need for your daily activities. Efficiently plan things and keep track of current tasks.

Choose the planners you are interested in and download them to your tablet. Enjoy the index page with hyperlinked tabs and buttons, made for easy navigation and comfortable planning. Always be result-oriented, plan with pleasure and let nothing distract you on the way to achieving your desired goals.

Digital Planner Templates for ONYX BOOX Note Air

Choose a new exclusive planner for your ONYX BOOX that will help you realize your plans and bring ideas to life. Take advantage of this great chance to increase your productivity at work and business, develop new projects in social networks, manage finances, monitor the health and well-being of yourself and your loved ones, keep to-do lists and meeting journals, etc.


Digital planners are designed to increase the functionality of your tablets and make you a well-organized and well-motivated person who achieves success in any business. You can set up the planner yourself (select the start date of the calendar and the week start day, specify the right-handed or left-handed mode, set portrait or landscape display orientation, etc.).

It remains to download the PDF file and upload it to your device, after which you will personally evaluate the convenience of using a digital task planning and tracking system on your favorite ONYX BOOX.

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