7 Best Daily Planners that will keep you organized in 2019


The successful people prefer to make the most of every situation. It has always been like this and there is no mystery in the fact that nowadays being organized and proactive demands so much effort that it becomes an ultimate prerequisite for achieving success. For many, this is also a goal that we stay focused on every year, every month, every day of our lives.

At this point, you can lean on planners that help to stay organized and make life easier. Today, you can choose from different sizes, styles, colors, types of notebooks you like. However, because of a great variety of notebooks available in the market, sometimes it is hard to decide which one to employ.

So here you are to see best 2019 planners I've found that will help you get organized, keep track of your goals and achievements throughout the best year of 2019.

Productivity Planner

(5 out of 5 stars)

Everyone wants to maximize his potential when it comes to getting tasks done.

Would you agree that the high productivity is essential in today’s highly competitive world? If yes, then the Productivity Planner is absolutely your choice.

The notebook also supports the Pomodoro Technique. It means that you have to break down your day in a few sprints. Work on a definite task for some time (normally 25 minutes), then make a checkpoint, have a little rest and continue working. This technique is very helpful either for those who needs to keep up the momentum while working on a big project.

The book has a weekly planner and a review of what has been done learned and finished. The Productivity planner is designed by canons of Pomodoro Technique with the spots for most important, secondary and other tasks. The layout is very simple and easy to coordinate. Speaking of the cover, the embossed textured cloth-like coating which lays in hands very comfortable is to be mentioned too. Old-school minimalistic design makes the book look very serious and business-like.

  • Nice quality of the cover

  • Simple yet highly structured content

  • No room for notes and sketches

  • Very task oriented and needs a clear to-do list.

  • The planner includes only 5 days per week (one page for each day)

Product details

Number of pages Paper weight Cover type Size
192 90 gsm Hardcover 8.5'' x 5.2''

The Ink+Volt 2019 Planner

(4.7 out of 5 stars)

Volt Planner team continues evolving their planners' styles. Many people think it is right and so do I.

Very minimalistic, the notebook catches the eye instantly and keeps holding your attention while you check the content out.

The Ink+Volt 2019 Planner does not have any changes inside in comparison with an older version. The team created their own formula and it does work either for business or casual usage.

It has a daily schedule, monthly and weekly layouts for goal setting and jotting down your plans and expectations for the future. The planner also offers the 30-day challenge, weekly outlooks, and 2019 calendar. Minimalistic design made in black color makes this notebook perfect to fit any style you like.

  • Very stylish and well-organized notebook

  • Has all the necessary features like goal-setting, tracking the progress and celebrating successes.

  • Paper is not thick enough

Product details

Number of pages Paper weight Cover type Size
280 90 gsm Hardcover 6'' x 8.5''

Erin Condren Undated Hardbound LifePlanner

(4.5 out of 5 stars)

The first thing you can notice here is that it’s not a regular planner. Petals on the colorful cover make the book look very modern. Moreover, you can choose the pattern of the notebook so it will fit your style best. Talking about insides it has monthly planners, undated weekly layout and some space for daily planning and note-taking.

All in all, Erin Condren got back the basics of productivity planner and does everything to help you manage your time easily.

It would be an absolute choice for anyone who wants to plan days and keep everything in order. There are 2 pages to write down your goals, 10 lined, 8 dot grid and six blank ones to make a funny illustration or quickly jot down some cool ideas.

It also gives you an opportunity to make any decision on how you want to use the notebook. It is one of the best planners in 2019 and worth adding to this list for sure.

  • Pattern and size variety.
  • Stylish cover.
  • Great quality rifle paper.
  • Not too much space for goal setting.

Product details

Number of pages Paper weight Cover type Size
164 90 gsm Hardcover 8'' x 10''

Full Focus Planner

(4.5 out of 5 stars)

This is probably the most multitasking notebook available online. Minimalistic, fully black cover makes it look very simple and elegant. This helps it fit into either business or casual style. Surprises are waiting inside. The planner is fulfilled with countless planners, calendars, motivational quotes and this is only the beginning.

The fact that it helps you easily track your life is indisputable. It has "daily rituals", weekly prewiew, goal setting, hourly schedulers. Also it includes sections where you can keep addresses, contacts, failure analysis, create monthly expense/incomes and to-do lists on more than 300 pages.

Besides, you can also find many helpful strategies, inspirational quotes and advises of successful people here. This notebook is a perfect choice for anyone who needs the fast straight access to all the necessary data and is willing to fill and update it daily. If you are bored with that average type of planner and need something new, Focus Planner is what you should take a closer look at.

  • A huge amount of organized content
  • DThe decent quality of the cover.
  • It takes much time to fill all the forms

  • After the certain period of time some sections might become useless.

  • The paper is comparatively thin which leads to feathering and bleeding through.

Product details

Number of pages Paper weight Cover type Size
304 90 gsm Hardcover 6" x 9"

Freedom Planner 2019

(4.0 out of 5 stars)

We all struggle to fight laziness and procrastination from time to time. The freedom planner team managed to create a system that can beat both.

Don't get me wrong but it is always tough to see the list of your big goals and feel your heart sinking in front of the amount of work you need to deal with. And most of the time we either avoid those challenges or don't finish them. That is what Freedom Planner is going to help you with – to stay on track until you achieve the desired win.

The planner gives you an opportunity to divide your big goals into smaller ones and track the process of carrying them out. Freedom Planner allows you to track your goals on the monthly weekly and daily basis. Furthermore, the book has two pages spread before and after each month made for you to set goals and sum up the achievements.

  • Perfect execution of the system that breaks your big goals into small ones.
  • Decent quality of cover and nice binding that allows the notebook to lay flat.
  • Some users complain about paper quality (feathering, bleeding through pages)

Product details

Number of pages Paper weight Cover type Size
192 90 gsm Hardcover 10'' x 7.3''

Dream Big Life Planner

(3.5 out of 5 stars)

When we speak about a paper notebook we need to consider 3 main factors. First of them is the design and everything I have to say here is this planner bribes with its simplicity. The classical black cover makes you focus on what you are actually going to do with the planner.

You can find many sections and potential helpers in achieving your assets here. Monthly calendar, planner with inspiring quotes, and re-cap. Weekly calendars, plans, and reviews for them. The undated daily planner is also included as well as time tracker and "90-day challenge" to help you follow your big goals.

To make it clear, you can also find an instruction how to use the planner and the goal setting guide. All I can say is Dream Big Planner is thought-out to be your friend and companion on the way to success. Great choice for everyone who wants to stick to their New Year’s resolutions. The cover is made of the cardboard with a decent level of quality. It is very comfortable, pleasant to use and for sure won't disappoint you if you are careful.

  • The inside content is very convenient and easy to use, despite the fact that it has many sections.
  • The cardboard cover might rip-off.

Product details

Number of pages Paper weight Cover type Size
192 80 gsm Hardcover 8'' x 4.5''