Best Fitness and Workout Journals to Stay Fit and Healthy


If you did a survey of people’s goals for their year ahead or changes they would like to make to their lives, you can bet that getting fit and improving diet would be top of the list. We all want to get fit and stay fit, but for most of us, this task is certainly easier said than done! A workout routine and a healthy diet makes us feel so good, so why can’t we stick to it?!

There are a variety of factors involved, of course: motivation, organization and the fact that we are all so busy in this fast-paced world we live in, to name but a few. So, if you need a little help planning, organizing and keeping track of your health routine, a workout journal is a great place to start. With these 5 fitness journals designed specifically to set your goals, log your workouts and track your progress (and a bit of hard work), you’ll be well on your way to achieving your health and fitness goals for 2024!

Digital Fintess and Workout Planners

The best solution for tracking your health, exercises and body parameters is full Digital Planners. You can use them with iPad, reMarkable, Supernote, BOOX Note, Kindle Scribe devices. Just upload the PDF to your device and enjoy convenient digital planning without any paper. 

These Digital Planners Include all Fitness Planners Templates you need:

Calendars Daily Schedule and Fitness Plan;

Weekly Workout Tracker;

Daily Pain Tracker;

Daily Health Tracker (for Male/Female);

Steps Plot Graph;

Running / Walking Trackers;

Weekly Wellness Chart;

Monthly Sleep Tracker;

Monthly Pain Tracker;

Blood Pressure Tracker;

Blood Sugar Tracker;

Vitamins & Medication Trackers;

Weekly Meal Plan & Grocery List;

Recipe Lists;


Veggie Cooking Cheat Sheet;

Health Profile;

Medical Spending;

Medical Contacts;

Doctor Visits;

Goal Action Plan;

Goal Overview;

My Goal;

Wheel Of Life;

Habit Tracker.














And that's not an all! You can create your own Digital Fitness Planner using only several layouts. E.g if you don't need Pain Tracker you could unselect this layouts before the planner will be downloaded.

Also Fitness Planner PDF is a fully customizable. You'll be able to select:

  • Start Date
  • Week Start Day (Sun/Mon)
  • Time Format (12/24 hours)
  • Schedule Time (7:00 - 21:00 Mode)
  • Right-handed/Left Handed PDF

Enjoy the best Fitness Planners in Digital Format. Make your life healthier and forget about old paperless workout journals.

Fitness Journal Templates PDF

If you still prefer “old school” paper planners, look at these beautiful layouts. We can offer you many printable templates for any situation. You'll be able to create a planner with your own layouts fast and easy. Include here Fitness Daily and Weekly Templates, Workout Trackers for Week, Running, Walking, Steps, Sleep, Water, Habits, Productivity, Wellness Trackers and more, more, and more.. All paid and free printable fitness templates are available in Happy Planner, A4, A5, Travelers Notebook and other popular formats. 

Health and Medical Templates

One more important part of Healthy Lifestyle is the general conditions of your body. It's not only about tracking weight. Track changes to your body, sleep, pain, periods. Don't forget about medication time and about visit to doctor. If you want a strong health, just care about all organs and improve conditions step by step. Mental condition is significant too. Set reminders and be organized. Also, you can use these printable templates with GoodNotes, Notability, Noteshel and Xodo.

SaltWrap The Daily Fitness Planner

( out of 5 stars)

The Saltwrap Daily Fitness planner is next up, providing a larger size, so even though it may not be as good on the go there is plenty of room for weekly and daily fitness and nutrition planning to help you reach your health goals. This option is for those of you who are serious about your fitness. It is designed by athletes and is perfect for the aspiring athletes among you. Emphasis is placed on goal-setting, review and planning and there is a chance to revisit these ideas every week. The three key sections are a weekly check-in and fitness planner, daily training and nutrition logs and goals tracking templates.

Using this journal allows you to include a lot of detail about your weight training and nutrition with various templates and guides such as a coding system, checklists, a macro-meal section and body measurements grid. This exercise journal has been scientifically researched too so you know that they guys at Saltwrap know what they are talking about when it comes to reaching fitness goals.

  • Lots of space for notes
  • Labelling for weeks and days
  • Not lined
  • Not pocket sized

Workout Log Book & Fitness Journal

( out of 5 stars)

Next up, a journal designed for detailed workout planning. Each daily page is laid out for you to list the strength training exercises (and how many of each) you will be working on in the gym, including muscle groups used, warm-ups, weights and timings. There are pages for new workout plan, goals and items to track, broken into weeks so you can record your progress with measurements such as weight lifted on the bench press or number of pull-ups. The journal includes measurement grids and notes sections and a double page spread of suggested exercises aimed at working on specific muscle groups and muscle gain.

This log book is ideal if you like to combine cardio and weights and want to record your daily PB so that you can keep improving on it and it will help track your exercise program to make sure you attain your health and fitness goals.

  • Good for logging and tracking
  • Simple lay-out
  • Anatomical diagrams and exercises
  • Could be more focus on nutrition
  • Quite specific to weights and cardio

GymPad Workout Journal & Fitness Book

( out of 5 stars)

Another fantastic training notebook for all your gym junkies is the GymPad. Available in 4 different colors, from girlie pink to full-on military camouflage, there is something for everyone. Don’t be fooled by its mini size (A6), as it is cleverly designed and organized, providing space for 100 workouts yet perfect to pop into your gym bag or hoody pocket. Each workout page has a grid for 6 different exercises and titles for sets, reps, weight and rest.

There is also a cardio section at the bottom of each page in a grid for tracking workout progress in terms of time, distance and calories burnt. We like the motivational quote at the start of each page to get us in the mood to move. Another bonus is that they offer a 100% money back guarantee. All the structure is built in with this handy little training journal. All you need to reach goals is just take it to the gym and start your next workout!

  • Fits in your pocket
  • Space for 200 workouts
  • Good for weight training
  • Glossy pages
  • Specific to gym training

BODYMINDER Workout and Exercise Journal

( out of 5 stars)

Last but by no means least, the Bodyminder is a fantastic all-round journal for exercise and nutrition. As with the other health journals, the focus is on targeted workout logs, recording muscle groups, reps, weights, levels etc. What we like about this option though, is that it is not confined only to workout tracking and over-all health and overall well-being is considered. The nutrition section has an extensive food count category for those who like to keep a close eye on their calories and macros when meal planning. There are also templates to record food eaten and supplements taken each day.

Additionally, the journal encourages goal-setting and recording other healthy activities so if you mix up your work-outs with yoga or hiking, this can be included too. A more holistic journal for overall health.

  • Calories and macros section
  • Long-term workout goal spreadsheet
  • Clear layout
  • Too much detail for some
  • Not suitable if you want training only (not nutrition)

Fitlosophy Fitbook

( out of 5 stars)

Make Fitlosophy your new philosophy with this aptly titled Fitbook. A workout journal ideally needs to be portable and small enough to fit in your pocket; you’ll be taking it to the gym to check and update your workout logs, jotting in notes on your way to work for healthy approaches to the day ahead and even taking it to the grocery store to help keep a check of your meal planning so it can be used for weight loss too.

At 5.5” square, with a pen that slots into the binding and a pocket for any shopping lists or fitness diagrams, the Fitbook works well on the go. A 12-week plan starts you off on your journey of well-being which is then broken down into weekly views, with one page per day including space for cardio/classes and diet. There is a fitness log for stats, rewards and goals to track your progress every day. The two best features are the daily workout pages and daily food logs. The perfect balance between nutrition and fitness and perfect for gym bunnies!

  • Daily workout pages
  • Daily food logs
  • Focus on cardio/classes and strength
  • Not much space for notes and reflections
  • Quiet a complex structure


You can see from our varied selection of the best fitness journals around that keeping a workout journal is a great way of helping you to reach your health and fitness goals. They provide you with a helpful format to log and track your training and nutrition on a daily basis and this helps you to break down your routine into useful steps to record your progress. Whether you already have a weight training routine but find it hard to rely on your memory and want to record your workouts or you are starting a new fitness and nutrition regime this year and could do with some structure, there is something for everyone.

Could 2024 be the year where you finally get those fitness and nutrition goals in place and stick with them?! Why not start using a workout journal today and achieve goals. A new healthier you could be just around the corner!

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