5 Best Appointment Books and Hourly Planners


What can you say about your life? Do you find yourself to be super busy all the time? More like being occupied all day every day? If yes, you're so not alone; most of us are in the exact same position. In essence, we have no choice but to keep dealing with endless meetings and appointments — it's a lifestyle!

Well, as you probably guessed, you can't possibly get rid of your lifestyle — you just have to figure out how to keep up with it. And trust us, the surest hack right now is to get your hands on weekly or daily planners. However, if you want to get more detailed when it comes to planning your appointments and events, you’d need an hourly planner or so-called an appointment book.

Because, the best hourly planner can help you organize your life and daily schedule in ways you never thought possible. In essence, you won't have to worry about missing appointments and important dates ever again!

So are you ready to get organized?

We're pretty sure you are! Here are 7 of the best hourly planners and appointment books you'll want to get for 2019 and beyond.

Day Designer Blue Sky Daily Planner

(4.9 out of 5 stars)

This is premium quality option that perfect for your daily planning and scheduling needs. It features up to 12 months of monthly and daily pages for stress-free year-round planning. The planner comes with just enough space for lists, notes and a time schedule; the gratitude section at the end of each page is also great.

When you check out the daily view page, you'll find an hourly schedule in hourly increments, to-do list, top 3 priority items and an inspirational quote. In addition, the pages on Day Designer Blue Sky Daily Planner are thick enough to prevent the ink from showing through. It's also good to know that the planner comes with a sturdy cover and the spiral binding is pretty impressive.

Overall, it's s great thorough planner that's highly recommended for those who have crazy schedules and countless to-do lists.

  • Plenty of space to write

  • Functional layout

  • Easy to use

  • Well-designed

  • No significant cons

Product details

Number of pages Paper weight Cover type Size
192 90 gsm Hard cover 5'' x 8''

AT-A-GLANCE Weekly Appointment Book

(4.7 out of 5 stars)

Next up is the AT-A-GLANCE Weekly Appointment Book — an excellent choice for the aesthete looking to get organized. The planner is designed to help you track your weekly and monthly schedule, and ensure everything is perfect. It has plenty of pages to write notes and its calendar boxes are big enough to write appointments.

You'll also be glad to know that the pages have columns for days of the week and with just a simple arrow you can carry over unfinished tasks to the next day. For the most part, the date range of AT-A-GLANCE Weekly Appointment Book covers 13 months making it your best bet for year-round planning.

It's also good to know that the overall design of this planner is great. The cover comes with a navy and teal Ombre design while its pages feature gold foil accents. What's more, the beautiful pages are printed with premium quality paper that's resistant to ink bleed and there's also an interior pocket to store whatever you want. Its color options is also a huge plus.

Overall, a nice choice that's sure to increase your chances of staying organized all day every day and it’s probably the best planner available in the market.

  • Compact and convenient

  • Easy to use

  • Sturdy

  • Beautiful design

  • Paper is a bit too thin

Product details

Number of pages Paper weight Cover type Size
192 70 gsm Hard cover 8.5'' x 11''

Delane Weekly Appointment Book

(4.6 out of 5 stars)

Looking for one of the best appointment books to keep track of your small business appointments? The Delane Weekly Appointment Book is a well-designed planner that's sure to get the job done.

For starters, the book comes with an impressive layout that allows you to plan your daily schedule and keep track of your busy hours. The planner comes with just enough room to organize your appointments right from January to December 2019 — of course, you can get it now and start planning right off the bat. It's also good to know that Delane Weekly Appointment Book comes with acid-free premium quality paper; no need to worry about pen ink bleeds and the likes. What's more, the paper will ensure that your writing last for years to come.

To sum it up, the planner is roomy — enough space to write phone numbers and addresses. Its 15-minute increment is also a big plus. And oh, the product comes with a money-back guarantee, so of course, you can be sure of getting the best bang for your buck!

  • Easy to use

  • Enough room to write

  • Excellent layout

  • Compact

  • No significant cons

Product details

Number of pages Paper weight Cover type Size
192 90 gsm Softcover 8.5'' x 11''

The Path Planner

(4.4 out of 5 stars)

Still looking for a sure way to organize your super busy schedule? Just check out the Path Planner — it has every section you can think of and more. This premium quality appointment book which also doubles as a day planner comes with unique sections that are designed to improve your mindset and kick procrastination out of your life.

The biggest highlight of this planner is that it has no dates and of course, covers a full year. With the Path Planner, you can be sure of achieving your yearly, monthly, weekly goals and even your life mission. So regardless of whether you're a busy student, mom, business person or entrepreneur, the Path Planner is a must-have. With it, you can organize everything from your daily tasks, priorities and to-do list — it helps you to become a better version of yourself.

That's not all — the package come with 5 empowering bonuses mini notebook pocket size for day-to-day to-do lists, Printable Vision Board (PDF), 14 coloring mandalas to distress, 2019 calendar planner and life mission set up guide. You'll also be happy to hear that the company has a full refund policy, so it's either you love the planner or get your money back.

All in all, a perfect planner that helps you set goals, track progress, habits, and notes — simply amazing!

  • Eye-catching gold labyrinth design

  • Impressive layout

  • Good size and weight

  • Well-thought and practical

  • No significant cons

Product details

Number of pages Paper weight Cover type Size
192 100 gsm Hard cover 5.8" x 8.3"

Monthly Weekly Planner Calendar Appointment Book

(4.2 out of 5 stars)

How about getting something that compliments your style aesthetic? Well, if you're interested, you'll be happy to hear that this super girly planner from Abrie James is just for you.

The appointment book is an excellent choice for those who move from meeting to meeting and need to keep all tasks and to-dos in one place. As with other planners on the list, Abrie James Monthly Weekly Planner gives you the chance to organize your life right from January to December 2019.

What's more, each week is spread across two pages giving you just enough room to schedule and write down your goals and plans for the day. And as you probably guessed, the pages of this planner come with the high-quality paper that resists bleed through and the likes. It's also good to mention that this chic planner comes with a sturdy black cover that's rigid yet flexible enough to fit anywhere. Its bonus pages are a nice touch and of course, the 100% money-back guarantee is a big plus!

All in all, an excellent option that you're sure to love forever!

  • Chic and fashionable
  • Plenty of room for multiple entries
  • Compact design
  • Super functional
  • No significant cons

Product details

Number of pages Paper weight Cover type Size
192 90 gsm Soft cover 8.5'' x 11''


So there you have it! With all that has said, you can relate when we say the importance of organizing your busy life cannot be overemphasized.

Unlike a monthly planner, an hourly planner requires more consistent and detailed maintenance. Nevertheless, their main goal is to help you keep yourself organized – and they do this work perfectly fine!

Of course, the good news is our picks of the best hourly planners of 2019 and appointment books never fail to deliver. Be sure to stick with the one that tickles your fancy and start taking full control of your life!

Make sure to choose the planner that meets your needs and makes it easier for you to achieve your goals. Meanwhile, lots of planner addicts prefer Passion Planner or Erin Condren Lifeplanner, it doesn’t mean these notebooks are going to work well for everyone, despite they are really great.

So don’t chase the trends. Look for the tool that’s going to work for you!