7 planners and notebooks with cool design


Daily planners and notebooks have ceased being only the tools for taking notes and planning our days. Over the last few years, some of the notebooks available in the market have become the results of the intense creative process with both designers and engineers involved.

So now, while surfing the net you can find many cool notebooks, journals and planners like Moleskine, Field Notes, Panda Planner and so on. If you are tired of your old notebook better check what we have here.

Slice Planner

The most significant achievement of the Slice Planner team is creating paper notebooks connected to digital devices like computer or smartphone.

The key to the success of this project was the fact that many people want to actually see their day plan distinctly without scrutinizing in pages.

Moreover, with the Slice Planner planning system you can easily transfer your events to Google, Apple or Outlook calendars.

So it has now become efficient to stay on the flow throughout the day without the planner itself. I also can't but admit that the minimalistic style of this book catches the eye in an instant.

  • Synchronization with digital devices
  • Outstanding quality
  • Not a perfect fit for fountain pens

Product details

Paper weight Number of pages Cover type Size
90 gsm 224 Hardcover 8'' x 5.5''

Baron Fig Confidant

Baron Fig team did a great job and made a very decent sketchbook for people who don't want to be limited by too structured layouts that consist of tables and graphs. 

Furthermore, the notebook has 3 types of paper: blank, ruled and dot grid. It allows you to make your own decision on how to make your plan clear and straightforward. So if you are in search of awesome notebooks - Baron Fig has something to offer.

  • High-quality materials
  • Unlimited applications
  • Only one color option

Product details

Paper weight Number of pages Cover type Size
90 gsm 192 Hardcover 5.4" X 7.7"

Passion Planner

Passion Planner is designed to help you identify your priorities, set goals and achieve them. It has everything you need to successfully get your things done and stay on track until the very moment you accomplish a huge win.

This notebook has nice calendars, motivational questions, week layouts, roadmaps and so on. It also has 20 blank, ruled and dot grid pages that are perfect for writing, sketching and organizing your daily timetable.

The creators of the Passion Planner did their best to implement the science-backed approaches while designing the planner. SO you can be sure, this planner will help you to make the most of your life.

  • Many different layouts in one notebook
  • Various applications
  • Filling out all the sections in the planner may be quite time-consuming
  • Some users complain about very small fields for writing in the notebook

Product details

Paper weight Number of pages Cover type Size
90 gsm 256 Hardcover 5.8'' x 8.2''

Moleskine Star Wars edition

Hardly any of us is unfamiliar with the Star Wars. Many people like this franchise and either do I. In case you are both Star Wars fan and like the old-fashioned pen and paper, this limited edition notebook is definitely for you.

Even if you are not, no doubt, this planner will be of a great use. Moleskine Notebooks do their best to deliver the best products that meet the audience's demands and expectations, so you are unlikely to be disappointed.

The dark side of the force consumes you at the very moment the notebook is opened… Just kidding.

Cool arts will make everyone feel nostalgic. Even if you are not into the Star Wars, this planner will make you look cool.

  • Great design
  • Good quality of the cover.
  • The paper is too thin that it might bleed through.

Product details

Paper weight Number of pages Cover type Size
70 gsm 192 Hardcover 5'' x 8.25''

Bullet Journal by Leuchtturm1917

With the rising popularity of bullet journaling, Leuchtturm comes up with the nice offer.

Business-like black surface embodies the whole point of what you deal with.

The book perfectly fits the idea of bullet journaling and gives you an opportunity to create and check your to-do lists much faster.

It's not mandatory to manage your life with the bullet journaling. If you don't like sticking to it, feel free to organize your notes in your personal unique way. Although the daily planner has its format you are to decide for yourself what works best.

As well as other notebooks by Leuchtturm1917, the bullet journal has great quality and is built to last. 

  • Good quality
  • Perfectly organized system for bullet journaling 
  • Despite the decent thickness of the paper, you'll sometimes have to deal with ghosting

Product details

Paper weight Number of pages Cover type Size
100 gsm 224 Hardcover 9.8'' x 5.9''

Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Smart Notebook

One of the most unconventional and interesting notebooks in the market is Rocketbook Everlast. The eye-catching design and out-of-box features make this notebook stand out from the crowd.

There are two features that make people love it the most. The first one is the ability to save your notes to the digital cloud with the press of a button, thanks to the smartphone app. So next time you will be able to see ideas you might need.

The second feature is the opportunity to reuse the book up to 5 times. In order to erase what you’ve written before, you need to place your notebook in the microwave and heat it for 2 minutes. The notes are going to magically disappear.  

  • The ability to save your notes in the cloud.
  • Lays flat
  • Durable cover
  • Imperfect technology. A number of users say that you can still see your scribbles after microwaving the notebook.

Product details

Paper weight Number of pages Cover type Size
80 gsm 36 Softcover 6'' x 8.8''

Eco-Friendly Natural Cork Notebook by Lemome

Are you an environmentally conscious person? Do you like writing? Maybe, you like wooden style?

If yes, then probably you'll like the Lemome notebook that designed a great notebook for those who like the planners with the cool design.

With its Cork Notebook, the company makes a step further towards the eco-friendly society. If you are in doubt about the cork cover I want to personally assure you that it is as comfortable as any other leather-covered planner. This is what thousands of users have already admitted. 

The notebook will become a great accessory as well as a tool for keeping your notes. 

  • High-quality paper 
  • Nice looking cover
  • The cork cover may not be too durable

Product details

Paper weight Number of pages Cover type Size
120 gsm 180 Hardcover 8.4'' x 5.7''