Undated Daily Planner Hardcover - Original Style


Take the opportunity to buy one of these wonderful covers for a planner at the best possible price. Select a cover option, add your text for it, set the required week start day (Sunday or Monday). Shortly, you will receive a new planner with a unique cover and you will be able to enjoy its beautiful appearance, high-quality binding materials and paper, and practicality of use.

Develop your mindfulness and successfully control all your daily tasks with a handy planner. Manage your tasks effectively, create a schedule for the month ahead, organize a to-do list, track what needs to be done during the day, and much more.

Maintain a personal diary, writing down absolutely any things in it, including work tasks, calculating expenses, shopping and grocery lists, goals for the upcoming travel, etc.

Customize your planner:


Essentialism. When less is more.

Beautiful Cover
Durable material that you can clean with wet wipes to make it look as fresh as it does when new
Premium Thick Paper
Acid-free premium paper by Arctic Paper for easy writing without skips and smears
Comfortable Dimensions (5.8" x 8.3")
Great size to easily slip into your bag and still large enough to write on and hold all the information you need to
Smart Layout
Spacious daily snapshot to write out what’s on the agenda conveniently
Sturdy hardcover binding
To make for smooth and quick use of the planner
We eliminated everything that doesn't matter

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