Daily Planner Hardcover - Original Style


  • Custom cover design
  • Premium acid-free paper
  • Durable hard cover
  • 6 months of efficient planning

Customize your planner:


What's inside

Essentialism. When less is more.

Beautiful Cover
Durable material that you can clean with wet wipes to make it look as fresh as it does when new
Premium Thick Paper
Acid-free premium paper by Arctic Paper for easy writing without skips and smears
Comfortable Dimensions (5.8" x 8.3")
Great size to easily slip into your bag and still large enough to write on and hold all the information you need to
Smart Layout
Spacious daily snapshot to write out what’s on the agenda conveniently
Sturdy hardcover binding
To make for smooth and quick use of the planner
We eliminated everything that doesn't matter

Customer reviews

4.7 of 5 stars 4.7 of 5 stars

Love this planner! I’m a very forgetful person and this planner has space for me to write down every detail I need to remember! I write down what workouts I did at the gym, what I need to do at work, personal errands, and any random notes! The picture I attached shows how I use each section, ignore the messy handwriting. It looks disorganized but it makes sense to me which is what matters! It isn’t too specific so you can really customize how you use it. 10/10 planner and very sweet seller!

16 Jul, 2021
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The planner looks great! The colors are lovely and getting to personalize the front was a great touch. The page layout is nice and I have plenty of space to write out what I need to. I will say, the pages do not have enough bleed room/extra space on the inner edge so it is a bit hard to write near the middle. Similarly, the binding is very stiff so it will not stay open on its own. Overall a nice planner, but note that it only covers six months, not a full calendar year.

07 Jul, 2021
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Just what I wanted/needed. Shipping was on time. This was my second purchase from this shop.

14 Jul, 2020
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