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Digital Planner

Digital Planner

( out of 5 stars)

A great digital planner and calendar, making it easy to manage tasks and build detailed action plans. Thanks to a convenient system for displaying current tasks, you can effectively track to-do lists and mark completed tasks.

The intuitive interface deserves special attention. A huge selection of templates, fonts, stickers, and covers is available. You can add an unlimited number of tasks. Any data can be saved to PDF.

Be sure that with such a helpful assistant in organizing your affairs, you will certainly achieve your goals and become a motivated and successful person, regardless of your field of activity. Download Digital Planner and enjoy the convenience of using it on your mobile device or computer.

  • Adding custom fonts;
  • Instant notification option;
  • Various templates for habit tracking;
  • Recognition of handwritten text;
  • Compatible with different operating systems;
  • Connect to Google, Apple, Microsoft calendars;
  • Customizable interface, beautiful data visualization.
  • Works with only one account.


( out of 5 stars)

Free task manager, offers a gamified approach to your daily activities. Compared to peers, the uniqueness of the software lies in the fact that it immerses you in a game in which you need to set goals and mark certain milestones in achieving them.

In the process of working with the program, you will receive awards and punishments, it all depends on whether you are a high achiever in your business or not. By the way, you can even create your own avatar here and unlock features such as armor, pets, skills, and quests.

  • Preparation of reports;
  • Integration with social networks;
  • Creation of to-do lists and key targets;
  • Convenient dashboards for tracking goals;
  • Flexible system of in-game rewards, getting gold for accomplishments.
  • Not all sections can have sub-goals added;
  • There may be difficulties when logging in via Facebook.


( out of 5 stars)

Coach.me is a habit tracker designed to make you a well-motivated and productive person. Allows you not only to independently engage in setting objectives and tracking habits but also to do it together with other people.

Developers allow you to join a huge users community, choose a trainer for yourself, and even become them for another person. This functionality was not previously available in other goal tracker apps, therefore it attracted the attention of a wide audience.

  • Easy to navigate interface;
  • Repost achievements in socials;
  • Quick preset tasks for the next day;
  • Everyone can use the application for free;
  • Tools for building successful coaching practices.
  • There are problems with receiving reminders on android.


( out of 5 stars)

A simple and easy-to-use goal tracking app that displays colorful stripes towards accomplishing goals. It is possible to view progress in the form of graphs and diagrams. Upon completion of this or that task, the streak responsible for it will be filled with green color and marked with a white checkmark.

There is a built-in calendar. Each goal can tie to a specific date. Available a tab of reports with detailed information about the work done. Tagging is supported so you can better focus on priorities.

  • Screenshot creation;
  • Minimum load of RAM resources;
  • Progress bars with line chart system;
  • Helps to visualize all targets in one window;
  • View every step on the way to achieving the goal.
  • Rare glitches when assigning a target to a specific time;
  • More features in a paid subscription, but it's unreasonably expensive.
Way of Life

Way of Life

( out of 5 stars)

Created to help you succeed faster and more efficiently, whether it's saving money, quitting bad habits, planning healthy meals, and more.

Take positive action consistently. View pie charts, keep track of your performance. Jot down notes and ideas, check the weekly / monthly report board, save this information in CSV or Excel format for further analysis.

  • Tags support;
  • Convenient Today widget;
  • Built-in hints for beginners;
  • Integration with cloud storage;
  • Adding an unlimited number of tasks;
  • Reminders with customizable messages;
  • Strong visual representation of objectives;
  • Setting a password (support for Face ID and Touch ID).
  • Many features are available for a fee;
  • It is not always possible to switch to dark mode;
  • Errors in URL-schemes for interacting with other applications.


( out of 5 stars)

Effectively keep track of your time and organize your to-do list in a few clicks, forgetting about your daily routine and focusing on your priorities. There is an advanced system of bar and pie charts showing what exactly you are spending time on.

Enjoy the possibility of fine-tuning the interface. You can categorize tagged tasks and sync data across multiple devices. Apple Watch activity tracking is available.

  • Complete activity history;
  • Data export in CSV and PDF format;
  • Grouping tasks and filtering by tags;
  • Siri voice assistant and gestures support;
  • Quick editing of an already added activity;
  • High rating on the App Store and Play Market;
  • Displaying statistics in the form of a diagram;
  • The application works even if the iPhone is in sleep mode.
  • The free version has a lot of ads;
  • Bonus tools are available only after purchasing a license.
Goals on Track

Goals on Track

( out of 5 stars)

A good goal setting app to help you prioritize, get the motivation you need, and organize an optimal to-do schedule. Used in both personal and professional life.

You will be able to customize the look of the software as you see fit, including replacing the background and choosing images from the gallery. If necessary, you can quickly synchronize data with calendars Google, Yahoo, Outlook, iCal.

  • Built-in timer;
  • Reminders of the due date of the task;
  • Responsive design for all screen sizes;
  • Back up important information in one click;
  • View information about the accountable month;
  • Synch between the mobile version and web-based app;
  • Creation of smart goals with the addition of subtasks.
  • High subscription cost;
  • When opening the app, the interface may slow down.


( out of 5 stars)

Task management software that allows you to organize to-do lists, take notes and keep track of habits. Integration with smartwatches helps to keep track of the progress of tasks more comfortably.

Priority tasks can be marked with a visual star or tagged with keywords. When the geolocation function is turned on, the program will notify you of places on the map near which appointments or events are scheduled. You can share your achievements with your friends on Twitter and Facebook.

  • Email reminders;
  • Sound notifications;
  • Voice control support;
  • Efficient project management;
  • Building charts for long term goals;
  • Create folders to store to-do lists;
  • Start and stop timers to tracking of time.
  • No sorting by context;
  • Quite an overloaded interface.


The selection contains the best goal-tracking apps helping users become better, stronger, healthier, and more successful. The leader in the TOP is Digital Planner, thanks to its beautiful appearance, powerful functionality, and easy control. The app allows you to effectively plan and track to-do lists. You can easily prioritize and draw up a clear action plan for the required time so that you will reach all your goals. Plus, being multiplatform allows you to use your favorite digital tools on any device, be it a tablet, laptop, etc.

Coach.me not only developed as a standard goal tracker. It is a large social network in which you can communicate with people online, share experiences with them, and even hire personal coaches who will oversee the process of your progress towards the goal. ATracker is a good time manager with the help of which the user will be able to organize his schedule most profitably and distribute the available tasks, taking into account the priority. Note that the app lets you sync your data with Apple Watch. A similar feature you will find in Toodledo, which implements powerful protections for sensitive data. All three programs work with Android and iOS systems and offer access to the web version of the software through any modern browser.

Strides and Way of Life are habit trackers featuring advanced reporting and analytics. View charts detailing your progress on a given task. The first program has a simple and intuitive interface, can be downloaded and installed only on an iOS smartphone or tablet. The second one works faster, supports not only Apple devices but also Android. But most of the options will become available only after a paid subscription.

Goals on Track is a multifunctional goal-setting app applicable for scheduling and tracking tasks. Can easily sync with Apple, Google, Microsoft calendars. Contains a useful backup function. It is possible to create subtasks, quickly filter goals by category and use reminders, thanks to which you will always know of upcoming events.

Choose Habitica if you are thinking of turning your daily tasks in the passing of an exciting game. Complete missions and quests, earn scores, get rewards and spend them on purchasing new unique functions. Despite its gaming component, the software is quite a powerful tool among its analogs and is deservedly included in the selection of the best goal tracking apps.