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Customer reviews

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My only wish would be that you could add blank sketchbook style pages to the weekly and yearly sections.

29 Apr, 2024
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I wish you could add blank sketchbook style pages at the yearly and weekly levels!

29 Apr, 2024
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Had all templates forever needs

29 Apr, 2024
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Great extensive planner for Kindle Scribe.

29 Apr, 2024
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Solid product - and very happy with my purchase. Wish it had a bit more customization but it comes with so many options and variety that there is little customization necessary.

28 Apr, 2024
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Embark on a path of mindful organization and personal advancement with the Supernote Daily Gratitude Planner. This planner is deliberately designed with innovative and extensive functionalities to address the ever-changing requirements of contemporary users, blending productivity, wellness, and the journey of self-exploration beautifully.

Tailored Daily Layouts: Begin every morning with clear intent. With a wide selection of templates, from Daily Gratitude and Wellness Journals to Priority Matrices and Brain Dumps, you can structure your day for both achievement and peace of mind.

🌿 Comprehensive Wellness Features: Boost your overall well-being with tools for Affirmation Prompts, Vision and SWOT Analyses, and Relaxation Techniques. Design a wellness route that truly matches your journey towards peace and fulfillment.

🗂 Adaptive Monthly and Quarterly Schedules: Map out your month and quarter with ease using adaptable pages. Utilize formats for Monthly Goals, Summaries, Quarterly Focuses, and more, making sure every action is in line with your goals.

📆 Advanced Yearly Planning Tools: Craft your forthcoming year with customizable layouts for Yearly Plans, Goals, Overviews, and Tracking. Establish lofty objectives and follow your advancement to accomplish significant achievements.

📚 Inspiring Additions Section: Immerse yourself in a realm of motivational resources with sections for your Reading List, Favorite Authors, Quotations, Contacts, and more. Ensure your sources of inspiration and professional connections are always within reach.

📝 Detailed Notes Area: Capture each spark of creativity with over 30 note templates. From brief insights to comprehensive strategies, document everything in an organized, easy-to-access format.

The Supernote Daily Gratitude Planner serves not merely as an organizational tool but as a steadfast ally on your path to reaching your aspirations, improving your well-being, and unlocking your utmost potential. Venture into a lifestyle filled with gratitude, efficiency, and self-development. Begin your transformative journey now!

Please check out 'Supernote' section of our guide. It has all the necessary steps and links.

Your purchase includes access to the selected digital planner. You can configure and personalize your planner in any way you want. Once everything looks good with the personalization - hit the Download button to get a PDF file with your planner.

Yes! You can update your planner settings on this page and download a new planner as many times as needed.

Sure! Here you will find all the basics of digital planning explained in detail. You will also find more details on using a digital planner on your device (iPad, reMarkable, Boox Note, etc.)

Depending on the device you're using, the process could be unclear or complex. We created a detailed guide for the most popular devices (iPad, reMarkable, Boox Note, etc.). Please find a section with your device here. If you can't see the needed section - try to Google 'How to upload PDF onto [device name]'. If that doesn't help - reach out to device manufacturer customer service or message us.

For iPad we recommend: Goodnotes, Notability or Noteshelf;
For Samsung we recommend Samsung Notes;
For Android we recomment Xodo or Penly;
For most e-ink devices (reMarkable, Kindle Scribe, etc) you don't need any additional app. Simply upload your PDF and open it like any other document.

It is a one-time payment. That means that just one payment gives you unlimited use of the digital planner. In addition, you will receive access to all future upgrades at no extra cost..

No, it doesn't. You get lifetime access to your planner, so you can download it whenever you need. The only limitation is the planner dates. You'll be able to select custom dates for the planner through the end of the NEXT year of purchase date. For example: if you purchased a template in May 2024, you can select the end date up to Dec 31, 2025.

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