reMarkable Wellness Planner


Get in the habit of practicing healthy habits every day and actively pursue a life that brings you fulfillment. By being more organized, tracking your habits, setting meaningful goals, and learning effective skills, this planner can help you improve every facet of your life.

This digital planner for reMarkable tablets will allow you to effectively manage your wellness tasks.

Use calendars for 2023 - 2024 year, set goals, set priorities, track habits, write down everything you need in a daily journal, etc. Feel healthy and happy, enjoy life, and our universal planner will help you with this.

Available in PDF format for first and second-generation reMarkable devices. You can choose a left-handed or right-handed mode, under which the tablet puts its menu, and specify the portrait or landscape display orientation. Pay attention to the "Settings and Layouts" section. Here you can customize your planner in detail by adding all the necessary templates to it.

The planner includes:

  • Index Page with navigation tabs, quick notes board, and reminders;
  • Yearly Calendar;
  • Quarterly Calendar;
  • Monthly Calendar & Goals;
  • Weekly Planner & Notes;
  • Weekly Goals;
  • Daily Journal;
  • Confidence Builder
  • Vision Board;
  • New Habits Building;
  • 369 Manifestation Method
  • Finding Your Purpose By Ikigai Method
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Life Values & Targets
  • Notes Pages (dotted/ruled/square)
  • My SWOT
  • And much more...

Customize and download this digital planner:

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