Digital Habit Tracker (Light Theme)


Start tracking your habits with this helpful gorgeous tracker, stay motivated, mindful, healthy, positive, and productive person and improve your quality of life every single day.

Take a look at a similar planner in a Dark Theme.

If you track your lifestyle every day, try to get rid of bad habits, and set goals to achieve a result in this or that business, you will definitely see strides. The statistics collected will allow you to see a clear picture of the progress that you have made and will motivate you to continue to adhere to the developed strategy in the future.

Planner includes:

  • Customizable cover (choose from a collection of 40 available designs);
  • Index Page with navigation tabs, quick notes board, and reminders;
  • Habit Tracker;
  • Yearly & Monthly Calendar;
  • Notes Pages (dotted/lined/graph).

Take full advantage of digital habit tracking, upload a PDF file to your note-taking app like Goodnotes, Notability, Noteshelf, or Xodo and enjoy it on your Apple iOS or Android device. Check it out for yourself how easy and simple it is to be better and live more right, happily completing everyday tasks, and becoming an increasingly successful person.

Customize and download this digital planner:

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