Health & Fitness Planner for Supernote A5x A6x


Comfortably plan your fitness and gym sessions, track your vitamin and medication intake, check your meal plan and to-do lists, keep a recipe book, and so on. Set goals, prioritize, and perform day-to-day tasks effectively. Now you can do all this and more right on your Supernote tablet!

Especially for users, fine-tuning the planner is available so that everyone can create a unique digital sports and health organizer that meets all their needs. Be well organized, and motivated to succeed and build a strong healthy body with Health & Fitness Planner.

Planner Includes:

  • Yearly Calendars;
  • Quarterly Planner;
  • Monthly Calendars;
  • Daily Schedule Hourly;
  • Daily Schedule 15-min;
  • Daily Fitness Plan;
  • Weekly Workout Tracker;
  • Daily Pain Tracker;
  • Daily Health Tracker (for Male/Female);
  • Steps Plot Graph;
  • Running / Walking Trackers;
  • Weekly Wellness Chart;
  • Monthly Sleep Tracker;
  • Monthly Pain Tracker;
  • Blood Pressure Tracker;
  • Blood Sugar Tracker;
  • Vitamins & Medication Trackers;
  • Weekly Meal Plan & Grocery List;
  • Recipe Lists;
  • Conversions;
  • Veggie Cooking Cheat Sheet;
  • Health Profile;
  • Medical Spending;
  • Medical Contacts;
  • Doctor Visits;
  • Goal Action Plan;
  • Goal Overview;
  • My Goal;
  • Wheel Of Life;
  • Habit Tracker;
  • Daily To-Do List;
  • Daily Notes Pages: Dot Grid, Ruled, Graph, Sketchbook.

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