Health & Fitness Planner for reMarkable


Health & Fitness Planner is one of the best ways to effectively maintain a healthy lifestyle! It doesn't matter exactly what you do. Whether it's gym workouts, jogging in nature, doing fitness exercises at home, or any other affair, monitor any sports and health-related tasks with this convenient and stylish planner.

Compatible with first- and second-generation reMarkable tablets. You can select right-handed or left-handed mode, under which the device overlays the menu. A choice of portrait or landscape display orientation is available. Pay attention to the settings section of the planner and layout options for it. If you wish, you can make a universal planner according to your own tastes and preferences, containing all the items you need.

Get rid of everyday stress, easily cope with routine tasks and enjoy sports. May your smile be bright, your mind thinks clearly, and your body is full of strength. Be successful, feel excellent, and inspire others!

Planner Includes:

  • Yearly Calendars - 2023 - 2024;
  • Quarterly Planner;
  • Monthly Calendars;
  • Daily Schedule Hourly;
  • Daily Schedule 15-min;
  • Daily Fitness Plan;
  • Weekly Workout Tracker;
  • Daily Pain Tracker;
  • Daily Health Tracker (for Male/Female);
  • Steps Plot Graph;
  • Running / Walking Trackers;
  • Weekly Wellness Chart;
  • Monthly Sleep Tracker;
  • Monthly Pain Tracker;
  • Blood Pressure Tracker;
  • Blood Sugar Tracker;
  • Vitamins & Medication Trackers;
  • Weekly Meal Plan & Grocery List;
  • Recipe Lists;
  • Conversions;
  • Veggie Cooking Cheat Sheet;
  • Health Profile;
  • Medical Spending;
  • Medical Contacts;
  • Doctor Visits;
  • Goal Action Plan;
  • Goal Overview;
  • My Goal;
  • Wheel Of Life;
  • Habit Tracker;
  • Daily To-Do List;
  • Daily Notes Pages: Dot Grid, Ruled, Graph, Sketchbook;

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