Alphabetical A-Z Tabs Hyperlinked reMarkable Planner


This helpful planner provides comprehensive tools for managing your address and contact books. Users can easily create complete address lists and track contacts in alphabetical order. Every letter section has 6 pages for keeping your notes.

Enjoy a comfortable hyperlink system with clickable tabs and buttons. You can choose a right-handed or left-handed mode and specify the portrait or landscape display format under which reMarkable overlays its menu. Don't forget to choose between available layout variations by clicking on "Planner Settings and Layouts".

Download the planner to your device, organizing an efficient contact and address recording and tracking system.

Planner includes:

  • Address Book;
  • Contact Tracker;
  • Dot Grid Pages;
  • Ruled Pages;
  • Graph Pages;
  • Sketchbook Pages.
Download Planner PDF

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