Kindle Scribe Weekly Journal


This Weekly Journal will allow you to plan quarterly, monthly, and weekly. You can easily write notes for each day, plan your to-do lists and keep track of tasks. Everything you need is already built into it.

Select 2 weekly pages. You can choose the right type of schedule, notes page, tracker, or checklist.

The planner is compatible with Kindle Scribe tablets. It features a high-quality hyperlinked page structure, which provides total comfort and ease of use. The user can independently select the right-handed or left-handed mode, set the week start day, and so on.

The planner includes:

    Yearly Calendar;
    Quarterly Calendar;
    Monthly Calendar;
    Weekly Schedule - 7 Days;
    Weekly Schedule - 5 Days;
    Weekly Horizontal;
    Week at a Glance;
    Weekly Dashboard;
    To Do With Priority;
    Weekly Tracker;
    Ruled Grid With Calendar;
    Workflow & Checklist;
    Task List;
    Dot Grid;
    Ruled Grid;
    Square Grid;

Customize and download this digital planner:

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