Client Record Book for BOOX Note


Are you running a business? Then create a client profile using the Client Record Book. It's a convenient way to organize a professional contact book, and pay attention to service and communication with customers. Solving problems will become much easier, and achieving goals faster and more efficiently.

All information and contact details will be at your fingertips. Available for BOOX Note devices. Download the planner in PDF format and upload it to your tablet.

Planner includes:

  • Index Page with navigation tabs, quick notes board, and reminders;
  • Client Record Book;
  • Yearly / Quarterly / Monthly Calendars;
  • Daily Planner Pages;
  • Alphabetical A-Z tabs Contact Book;
  • Project Planner Pages;
  • Pomodoro Planner & Task Tracker;
  • Social Media Planner Pages.

Customize and download this digital planner:

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