Kindle Scribe Project Planner


The Kindle Scribe Project Planner is based on feedback and requests from our clients who wanted to have enough daily meeting notes and many easy-access project pages. In addition, it contains a variety of tools to help you succeed with your projects.

10 easy-access project pages with 20 subjects give you plenty of space for notes or projects. Each subject can have up to 4 pages depending on your needs.

Choose 4 custom section pages. There are 14 layouts to choose from including task lists, different note pages, a Pomodoro planner, etc.

Customize 4 daily pages. Select the templates you prefer for every daily page. Organize yourself, prioritize, set goals, and start tracking your daily to-do list.

Select 2 weekly pages. If you select Weekly Schedule - 5 Days, for example, your daily pages will be hyperlinked to your schedule. You can choose notes pages, trackers, or meeting notes.

Choose 2 monthly pages. Plan and overview your strategies, set priorities, create task lists, or just be creative.

The planner has the project, productivity, and work & business sections to help you achieve what you want.

A high-quality hyperlinked page structure makes the Kindle Scribe Daily Planner easy to use and intuitive. You can set the week start day, the time format, and the scheduled time.

Customize the Kindle Scribe Project Planner to help you do planning and tracking tasks fun and exciting.

The planner includes:

  • Index Page with navigation tabs, quick notes board, and reminders;
  • Yearly Calendar;
  • Quarterly Calendar;
  • Monthly Calendar;
  • 10 Project Sections X 20 Subjects X 4 Pages

Project Management Templates:

  • Project Plan;
  • Project Timeline;
  • To Do with Deadlines;
  • Project Budget;
  • Meeting Notes;
  • Brain Dump;
  • Workflow & Checklist

Work & Business, Productivity Templates:

  • Work Time Log;
  • Employee Work Schedule;
  • Pomodoro Planner;
  • Pomodoro Task Tracker;
  • Checklist;
  • Task List

Weekly Pages Variations:

  • 2 Page Weekly Schedule;
  • Weekly Horizontal;
  • Weekly At A Glance;
  • Weekly Dashboard;
  • Weekly Schedule for 7/5 days;
  • Ruled Grid with Calendar;
  • Weekly Tracker;
  • Weekly Overview;
  • ...and more

Daily Pages Variations:

  • Daily Hourly Schedule;
  • Daily 15min Schedule;
  • Ruled Grid With Calendar;
  • Daily To Do List;
  • Daily Meeting Notes;
  • Pomodoro Planner & Task Tracker;
  • Notes Pages (dotted/lined/graph/sketchbook)
  • ...and more

Customize and download this digital planner:

Planner Settings and Layouts
Page 1/1
2-Page Yearly Calendar
Quarterly links are inactive
Page 1/1
2-Page Quarterly Planner
Page 1/2
2-Page Monthly Planner
Page 2/2
Monthly Summary
Weekly links are inactive
Page 1/2
2-Page Weekly Planner
Page 2/2
Weekly Dashboard
Daily links are inactive
Page 1/4
Daily Schedule (Personal)
Page 2/4
Daily Gratitude
Page 3/4
Daily To Do List
Page 4/4
Ruled Grid with Calendar
Productivity Templates
Project Templates
Personal Tasks
Work & Business Templates
Social Media
Note Pages
Other Templates
Page 1/4
Meeting Notes
Page 2/4
Ruled Grid
Page 3/4
Brain Dump
Page 4/4
Dot Grid
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