Kindle Scribe Student Planner


Here is a helpful digital student assistant that can be easily used in high school, college, or university. By using the Student Planner, you will learn much better and be able to improve your academic performance.

Do not waste your time and download it! Enjoy a quality page structure with hyperlinks, clickable tabs, and buttons. Compatible with Kindle Scribe tablets. Set the appropriate planner options for you. Specify the favorite mode (left-handed or right-handed) and the week start day.

Have fun learning, don't forget about studies tasks, know what's on the agenda, plan your schedule for the weeks or months ahead, check homework, upcoming exams, and more.

The planner includes:

  • Index Page with hyperlinked tabs and buttons;
  • Reminders Page;
  • Yearly Calendars;
  • Quarterly Calendars;
  • Monthly Calendars;
  • Yearly Goals & Overview;
  • Monthly Goals & Overview.

Variations for weekly pages (choose layouts for 1st & 2nd page):

  • Weekly Hourly Schedule for 5 Days Week Format;
  • Weekly Hourly Schedule for 7 Days Week Format;
  • 2 Page Weekly Schedule;
  • Horizontal Weekly Planner;
  • Weekl At A Glance;
  • Weekly Dashboard;
  • To Do List with Priority;
  • Weekly Goals;
  • Weekly Overview;
  • Weekly Wellness Chart;
  • Weekly Rhytm;
  • Weekly Budget;
  • Income/Expense Tracker;
  • Weekly Tracker;
  • Ruled Grid Page with Calendar;
  • Workflow & Checklist;
  • Checklist;
  • Task List;
  • Note Pages: Dot Grid, Ruled Grid, Graph, Sketchbook.

Variations for daily pages (choose layouts for 1st & 2nd page):

  • Daily Hourly Schedule;
  • Daily 15min Schedule;
  • Daily Gratitude;
  • Daily To Do List;
  • Daily Journal Page: Graph, Ruled, Dot Grid, Sketchbook;
  • Ruled Grid Page with Calendar;
  • Task List;
  • Checklist;
  • To Do List with Priority;
  • Daily Meeting Notes;
  • Pomodoro Planner;
  • Social Media Planner.

Student Education Pages:

  • Semester Overview;
  • Course Overview (for 10 courses);
  • Grade Tracker;
  • Homework Tracker;
  • Study Session;
  • Study Time Tracker;
  • Assignment;
  • Essay Planner;
  • Essay Source Tracker;
  • Vocabulary;
  • Course Materials;
  • Project Planner: Summary & Task Tracker;
  • Supplies Tracker;
  • Concepts;
  • Brain Dump;
  • Meeting Notes.

Goal Planning Pages:

  • Goal Action Plan;
  • Goals Overview;
  • My Goal;
  • SMART Goal;
  • Wheel of Life;
  • Habit Trackers.

Budget Planning Pages:

  • Monthly Budget & Expenses;
  • Finance Yearly Overview;
  • Yearly Bills;
  • Savings Trackers;
  • Debt Trackers;
  • No Spend Challenge;
  • Sinking Funds Tracker;
  • Monthly Household Budget.

Health and Fitness:

  • Weekly Fitness & Workout;
  • Running / Walking / Steps Trackers;
  • Sleep Tracker;
  • Body Trackers Male / Female;
  • Vitamins & Medication Trackers;
  • Pain Tracker;
  • Period Trackers.

Other Templates:

  • Time Tracker;
  • Reading List;
  • Reading Journal;
  • Password Log.

Customize and download this digital planner:

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