Black Wedding Invitations


Despite some people tend to associate the black color with some negative emotions, it’s still the color that represents the sophisticated style and elegance. Shop black wedding invitations and create perfect wedding invitation cards easily.

Enjoy the wedding invitations templates selection from the professionally designed black collection, featuring extravagant fonts and decorations.

Black Wedding Invitations

Please discover the black and gothic theme items with the imitation of gold foil, premium fonts and more. Choose the wedding invitations design that will match the primary theme of your marriage celebration day and customize the text in minutes with the easy-to-use and free invitation maker.


Enjoy the custom templates to create your unique and marvelous wedding invites that will match your main theme and wedding color.

Besides, take care of all other elements of wedding stationery and check out the collection of the best all-in-one wedding invitation sets that offer all the correspondence cards in one style. This will help you keep everything consistent when it comes to design and make your guests appreciate your thorough preparation and attention to detail.

Don’t forget that you can customize every inch of the template because they all are 100% editable.

Change whatever you need, type in bride’s and groom’s names, the date and location of your ceremony, add final touches with the drag-n-drop invitation builder and save your design in PDF, PNG or JPG.

Here’s how you can get your invites:

  1. Download printable file on PDF to print out wedding invitations later via Staples, Vistaprint or other print services.
  2. Download PNG or JPG to invite your wedding guests via email or social media sites, sending them the digital invitation.
  3. Order printed invitation cards and send them the traditional old-fashioned way, with envelopes via mail. The prints are made of premium first-class paper and are available for a very affordable price and with quick delivery right to your address.

Choose the format you like the best and enjoy the variety of designs for your wedding stationery. If you want to consider other themes besides the black theme, check out the grand collection of wedding invitations templates where you can find the most popular styles of the wedding invitations and more.

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