Wedding RSVP Cards


RSVP cards have become an integral part of wedding stationery. The main goal of this tool is to get confirmation of an invitation.

They help you find out what guests are going to be present at your ceremony and plan your wedding day accordingly.

Despite some brides decide not to use them while preparing their ceremonies, I love this beautiful tradition and believe that RSVP response cards add a sense of formality to the wedding day and make guests feel honored. Besides, there is something magical in the act of putting each card into the envelope and sending each sample via mail. However, you can always use online RSVPs and send an email instead.

I designed the collection of RSVP cards templates that you can customize via the online editor and download in PDF or buy prints. The designs in this collection are available in various colors and cover the most popular and all-time favorite wedding invitations themes: elegant, rustic, floral, vintage, formal, informal and more.

Wedding RSVP cards

Wedding RSVP templates with the custom design are built to help you create beautiful reply cards for everyone on your guest list.

Download printable PDF files or buy prints in advance to allow for a timely delivery.

Here are the best wedding response cards:


What you need to know about Wedding RSVP Card

Here are a few practical tips that will help you avoid the mistakes and make your RSVPs look great.

Wording & Etiquette

Wedding RSVP Wording

Just like with all other elements of wedding stationery, the level of formality is totally up to you.

RSVP stands for Répondez s'il vous plaît, meaning "Please respond” in French. Therefore, it's basically about asking your guests for a reply. And it's just up to you how to do that.

Nevertheless, as usual, there are some proven practices that you can employ.

Here are the most popular wording versions you can use while customizing your reply card:

  • “Kindly reply by…”
  • Your reply is requested by
  • “Please respond by…”
  • “The favor of your reply is requested before…”
  • “RSVP by/before…”

A few ideas that you can use for wording the response options on your cards:

  • “Accepts with pleasure / Declines with regret”
  • "Graciously accepts / Respectfully declines"
  • “Accepts / Declines”
  • "Ready for take-off!/ Sending best wishes"
  • “Will attend / Unable to attend”
  • "Bags are packed!/ Will be thinking of you at home"
  • “Will be there / Sadly cannot attend”
  • “Yes / No”
  • “Will see you there / Will be there in spirit”

When to send RSVPs

According to etiquette rules, you need to send the save the date cards first to allow travel plans and provide an opportunity to save dates and plan in advance. Usually, sending them 6 months before the date is considered acceptable. Then 3 months prior to the date send the RSVP cards to find out how many guests you should be waiting for.

Anyways, the best tip is to take a seat and think through your schedule carefully. Understand clearly your deadlines and walk from there. When do you need to make the final orders to your caterer and make a confirmation of the number of guests for the venue? Focus on this date and plan all the other steps using backward induction.


Each response card design is customizable so you can personalize wedding RSVP card text settings, i.e. font and wording, to make sure it fully meets your needs and style.

Moreover, each template is a part of a corresponding wedding invitation suite. Just choose the theme that matches your wedding style and go ahead to create beautiful RSVP wedding cards along with invitations, reception, details cards, seating chart, menu and more.

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