Engagement Party Invitations


Engagement party is the first party in a series of pre-wedding celebrations that a couple hosts to announce their decision to turn their love into a lifetime commitment. Just like any other pre-wedding party, this one is meant to gather your friends and family, let everyone meet each other and have a great time.

Discover the best engagement party invitations and customize them via free online invitation maker to create wonderful invitation cards and share the big news with your future wedding guests.

Engagement Party Invitations

Have you chosen the engagement party theme yet? If yes, then look for the matching engagement party invitation template to maintain consistency and show the guests your great eye for details. Discover the selection of engagement invitations ranging in colors, themes and party ideas.


Congratulations on getting engaged. It's time to enjoy the moment and kick off the pre-wedding celebrations. The first party is the engagement party that is set the tone and get your guests excited about your upcoming marriage celebration.

Besides that, the engagement party is a great opportunity to celebrate your big decision to become a family with your loved one and also get acquainted with your future in-law relatives.

Party planning

The planning obviously starts with picking the time and place. Choose the date and location that would work for everyone and would fit their calendars easily.

The next step is to create a guest list and choose the party theme.

Your guest list generally should include your closest friends and family members. Basically the same list of people you'd also invite for wedding rehearsal dinner.

Speaking of the themes for an engagement party, they vary as much as wedding ceremony themes do. If you already know how your big day will look like, you can match the styles and also choose the same decorations and format for your engagement party. Choose between elegant, rustic, boho, casual, burgundy, blue and other themes. Your theme will also define the format of this party. Is this going to a reserved brunch with tea and cake or maybe BBQ party in your backyard or you'd prefer to throw a nice cocktail party with a few bottles of wine, champagne, singing and dancing. There are plenty of options if you search online for inspiration.

Overall, the preparation for your engagement party is a light version of your wedding planning. However, you don't have to feel overwhelmed. It shouldn't stress you out. Have fun and be happy. Because these are some of the best moments of your life.

General etiquette rules

The engagement party is usually hosted by parents. Nevertheless, it's said to be an old-fashioned approach, so today the couples usually host the parties themselves. The party is usually hosted 6 months before the wedding ceremony day. Consequently, the invitations are supposed to be mailed out even earlier, at least 4 weeks before the party.

The engagement party doesn't involve the registry and each guest can decide personally what small gift to present. Don't forget that there are a lot of parties where guests will bring more and more gifts: bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, wedding day. By the way, each party definitely requires separate preparation and invitation. Please make sure to check out the collections of invitations.

Designing invitations

Everything starts with a template. This collection allows you not to struggle to come up with own ideas and start with the blank page but instead use a ready-made design that comes in a fully customizable format.

The free online editor makes it super easy and fast to edit the templates and personalizing them to your own tastes, preferences, and needs. The customization opportunities include the changes in wording and other manipulations with the text (color, font, size, and position). Besides, you can move the elements around, change the background, upload your own photo to make it a part of your engagement invitations design and the like. Overall, you can add a personal touch to every inch of design to make sure you and your groom like the design.

After you are done with customizing the template, you have a few options:

  1. You can download printable PDF and take care of printing the invitations yourself.
  2. You can order the printed invites and get your perfect engagement party invitations printed on a premium paper so you can put them into envelopes and send them to your guests. (please note that we process orders within one day, so you can get your gorgeous invitations in a matter of a couple of days).
  3. You can also go digital and save the invitations in PNG or JPG to send them later via email, SMS or social media.

All the options are available for a very affordable price.

Engagement party invitations wording

The text on your engagement party invitations should convey two things: it has to announce engagement and invite people to celebrate this big occasion.

Here are two wording samples that you can also see on the templates:

“Chris & Liza
We got engaged | You are invited to the party!
October 11 | 7 PM | Weely's pub
RSVP by Sept 18 to (your email address)”

“Join us to celebrate Linda & Tom’s Engagement
July 18th – 6.30 PM – George Fitcher Center – San Diego
RSVP by June 30 at (your phone number)”

Our designs come in a variety of styles ranging from elegant, floral, watercolor and vintage to popular rustic, greenery and formal themes. Choose the design and the theme of your invitation card that would match your love and personality. You can go even further and set tone and style for your engagement party and keep it consistent with your wedding ceremony. You can use the wedding invitation suites for this and get your wedding stationery in one style.

Celebrate engagement and continue the preparation for the big day when you finally become the most beautiful and happiest bride.

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