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Wedding Invitations


Browse the collection of editable wedding invitation templates available in various designs. From classic to casual, from more formal and reserved to informal and fun, from traditional and vintage to modern and futuristic, this collection features perfect minimalist-inspired, elegant, rustic, floral, romantic, sunflower, summer, fall and winter-inspired wedding invitations.

Customize wedding invitations and download printable PDFs or order printed cards for an affordable price.

Elegant Wedding Invitations

The elegant wedding invite templates are all about graceful and minimalist design. They feature minimalist-inspired elements that make your invitations look light and stylish.

Customize the dates, location, names of groom and bride and other essentials so that your guests receive first-class invitations to your party.

Click the "Download" button below to customize the template and save the design in PDF.

Rustic Wedding Invitations

Why rustic weddings become more and more popular? Because they look great, they feel great and create beautiful memories. Ready to have your own unforgettable rustic wedding celebration?

Enjoy rustic wedding invitations designs to match your country-inspired wedding style. These professionally designed templates feature authentic elements of a rustic theme, fancy fonts, and unique decoration.

Invite your guests with the beautifully designed invites and have a wonderful rustic wedding.

Floral Wedding Invitations

Enjoy the floral wedding invitations designs inspired by flowers, nature and greenery. The invitation cards look brilliant with floral design when printed so it’s no wonder why floral theme remains one of the most favorite themes for wedding ceremonies.

The invitations feature luxurious wedding fonts and beautiful floral decoration.

Click the “Download” button below to get free wedding invitations samples before customizing the text and creating your own invitation cards.

Fall Wedding Invitations

Are you going to get married in autumn? Get the invitations that would match that time of the year. These templates all come in fall-inspired color and with different elements of design.

Click the "Customize & download" button below in order to customize a template and save it to your computer.

Winter Wedding Invitations

Who said there are no weddings in winter? 

It's never too cold for such a magical day. These winter-inspired wedding invitation templates have a unique design that will make every guest feel honored.

Click the "Customize & download" button below to personalize the content of and create top-notch invitations. 

Beach Wedding Invitations

Is your wedding ceremony going to take place at the seaside? Why not match the wedding invitations with the beach theme then?

Here are tropical and beach wedding invitations that feature summer-inspired designs with beautiful sand, sunny beaches,seaweed, starfishes, palms and more.

Choose the design, personalize the text with the easy-to-use online editor and save a PDF with printable wedding invitation templates.


A wedding ceremony day is a special day in every woman's life. And it's important to make it not only special but beautiful and memorable too. At the end of the day, it's all about doing it right. And by right I mean paying close attention to details and making sure everything is according to the plan and everything looks just like you've always seen it in your dreams.

This collection of wedding invitation templates helps you nail down the first most important piece of the puzzle - inviting the guests.

The first impression is crucial. So I've designed these beautiful templates that will make your guests feel charmed.

All the templates are editable and customizable. Choose the design you like and download a free sample to try it and see how it's going to look like when printed. You can also follow demo link and use the free online drag-n-drop builder to create custom designs using the templates from the collection.

Wedding stationery is an integral part of every ceremony and it's definitely one of the most important parts of preparation. 

Why using templates?

  1. Affordable. Online wedding invitations help you save some money and easily design wedding invitations that are beautiful. You pay for the design once and print out as many copies as you need.
  2. Customizable. DIY wedding invitations provide great inspiration as well as the opportunity to create a personalized design with the style that suits your own one.
  3. Easy to use. You can easily print out the invitations yourself at the local print shop or order printed invites from OnPlanners to get your templates with lovely graphics printed on a premium paper. 

Did you find the design you like? What style do you love the most?

Use the simple online builder that makes it easy to customize the design of the templates so they suit your style and download PDF files to save your digital invites on your computer.

Once you're done, what's next?

When to send

Well, the etiquette says it's necessary to send the wedding invites to your guests at least four months before the ceremony. This way they will be able to save dates using save the date cards and make sure they will plan everything properly. What about the guests who need to travel to attend your celebration? Make sure you specify the location and provide enough time for them to plan their trip, book hotels, etc. Put the invitations into beautiful envelopes and send them to guests in advance.

If you have a destination wedding, make sure to do it as soon as possible.

If you are looking for other elements of the wedding stationery, make sure to check out the collection of wedding suites that include RSVP cards, reception cards, details cards, save the dates, thank you cards and more. All in one style.

Ready to tie the knot?

I sincerely hope that these templates will make your wedding day even more memorable and full of great moments, photos, big sincere smiles, and warm emotions.

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