Baby Shower Invitations Templates


Invite your closest friends and family to celebrate the expected birth of your child and have a great time together within a wonderful gift-giving party.

Browse the selection of baby shower invitations available in different colors and styles and choose the design that matches your personality, mood and preferences. If necessary, customize the wording and design online via free invitation maker and enjoy the high-quality personalized invites.

Baby Shower Invitations

Discover the baby shower invitations templates that feature the most popular baby themes ranging from elephants to tigers and unicorns as well as minimalist elegant and bohemian styles along with lovely calligraphy fonts and unique decorations. Create adorable invitations cards in minutes and check one more thing off your party preparation task list.

Boy's Baby Shower Invitations

Discover the best baby shower invitations for boys inspired by blue color palette, beautiful fonts, and childish decorations. Customize the text via free online editor to create unique invitations for your baby shower party and invite your friends to celebrate this wonderful occasion. 


What can be more exciting than the arrival of a new family member? I bet you’re waiting for the due date very much. In the meantime, the baby shower party is a great chance to enjoy the moment of your transformation from a woman to a mother.

Don't confuse baby shower with the gender reveal party where the main goal is to reveal the gender of an expected baby, boy or girl. These are separate events and are rarely hosted together. Since the baby shower is primarily a gift-giving party, the guests should know the gender of a baby, so they can present gender-driven gifts.

What to start with?

Begin with setting the date. Usually, the baby shower is hosted during the sixth or seventh month of your pregnancy, so pick up the date and mark it on your calendar.

As soon as the date is chosen, create a guest list. Add everyone who you care about and most importantly who cares about you.

Last but not least, you need to choose the theme for the party and create a menu of dishes you're going to serve at the party. Google party ideas and choose the one that you like the best.

Right after that, the first thing to do is to actually invite guests, welcome them and inform everyone that they are invited. This is exactly what this beautiful invitation designs are for.

There are three formats you can get a baby shower invitation card in:

  1. Printable baby shower invitation PDF.
  2. PNG or JPG file to send invitations online, via email or social media.
  3. Printed cards on a premium thick paper.

Before purchasing the design, you can download free baby shower invitations samples to see how the final version will look like.

Besides, you can customize everything to your preferences because all invitations card templates are 100% customizable. The free online editor will help you create the invitations you'll truly adore by changing the text, uploading and adding the photos, moving elements around and changing the graphics you don't like. The customization is easy since this DIY tool requires no extra skills and allows you to tune everything in seconds.

Enjoy customizable baby shower invitations templates to create perfect invitation cards with your favorite colors and themes.

Please feel free to check out our collection of birth announcements to inform your baby shower guests about the delivery of a baby.

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