Wedding Reception Cards


If our reception isn’t held at the same location as your ceremony, they are considered separate events. In this case you may also need a separate card with invitation for that. Generally, you need a reception card where such information as a reception location, venue name and street address, as well as the time of the reception is specified.

Reception cards are meant to make sure all the invited guests are informed about the wedding reception event and guests know how to easily arrive at the reception venue on time.

You could probably fit all these details in your wedding invitation card. But why would you pile up lots of text on a small card when you can easily keep its look clean and neat?

In the collection below you’ll find the best reception card designs that you can customize via the simple editor. After customizing the text you can download a printable template in PDF format or order prints with the fast delivery for an affordable price.

Wedding Reception Cards

Discover the best reception invitation cards. They are available in the most popular designs: elegant, rustic, floral, vintage and more. Choose the template that would make your reception cards match your primary wedding style.

Customize the wording with the free online editor and download printable PDF or order high-quality prints.


A couple of helpful tips on how to use reception cards.

Reception card wording

Despite the wording isn't strictly regulated by any etiquette rules and it's up to you what to write in the reception card, there are some good practices to designing them.

  1. The first line on the reception card is called the occasion line. If the reception takes place before 1 PM, the occasion line should read "Breakfast" regardless of what's going to be served. If it's planned for later than one o'clock it should read "Reception". Overall, it depends on the option you choose.
  2. The second line on the reception card is usually devoted to the timeline. You need to specify when the reception will start. Right after the ceremony or later at a specific time?
  3. The last but not least important part f the reception is the location. Inform your guests about the place where they are supposed to arrive.

Overall, make sure your reception card is informative enough and let your invited guests find the location on time so they can celebrate your marriage with you.

Here are a couple of wording samples:


Please join us for cocktails, dinner and dancing immediately following the ceremony.

Red Beach Finest Club
1589 Clinton Ave
San Diego, CA

Please park in the parking structure
across from the building.

Cleo Siri Resort
588 Madison Ave
Boston, MA


We request the pleasure of your company for dinner and dancing. Reception immediately following the ceremony.

At six o’clock in the evening.

When to send

You should send your reception cards along with your primary wedding invitation cards.

In case you're going to create a wedding website, you can specify all this information online. However, as you know printed cards add a sense of formality to your wedding day and make your guests feel special.

If you need other pieces of wedding stationery and enclosures (RSVP card, details card and more) in similar design, make sure to check out the collection of wedding invitation kits where you can find a wedding invitation suite that matches your wedding ceremony style and makes everything look aligned and beautiful.

I hope you found this collection of wedding reception invitations helpful and already liked one of the designs.

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