Birthday Invitation Templates


Once a year everyone has their very special day. A birthday party is a wonderful way to celebrate this occasion and have a wonderful time with friends, family and a birthday honoree.

Browse the selection of customizable birthday party invitations designs and match the invites with the main party theme. Enjoy the easy-to-use online editor to move things around, change the design, birthday invitation wording, etc.

Invitations For Birthday Party

Discover custom birthday invitations templates in various styles and colors, featuring unique font, lovely decorations and filled with the birthday celebration designs. Don't forget that each template is 100% editable and can be personalized in minutes with the online invitation maker, so you can use these templates and your creativity to create perfect invites.

Men's Birthday Invitations

Browse the selection of custom birthday invitations for him. Discover various men's styles and theme that will perfectly match the spirit of the party. Customize the text and design online and get premium invites for an affordable price.

Women's Birthday Invitations

Choose the perfect birthday invitation template for a birthday party for her and create beautiful invitation cards that would match the personality and mood of a birthday lady. All templates are fully editable and can be easily personalized to meet your needs.


The very first must-have ingredient of the party is the guests. And in order to get the guests to join the party, you need to invite them in the first place. Therefore I created this collection of birthday invitations templates to help you create your own custom birthday invitation cards, inform your friends and family about the celebration and throw your own b-day party or organize a surprise birthday party for your friend.

The selection includes everything from funny kids birthday invitations to more reserved yet lovely designs for adults.

Have you decided what theme your party is going to be in?

There is a wide range of party ideas and the right one, of course, depends on who's the birthday honoree. If it's a boy birthday you might be better off considering some boy colors and superhero topics. If it's a girl birthday, you might be leaning towards gentle girl colors and unicorn or princess fairytale-inspired designs.

Last but not least, if it's an adult birthday or milestone (30th birthday or 40th birthday), you can choose less childish but still bright and holiday-like design.

How to get the invitations ready

After you choose the design you like, here's how you can get your beautiful personalized birthday invitations ready in 3 simple steps:

  1. Customize the template via free and easy-to-use online editor. It makes it super easy to add your favorite color, change a font, write birthday invitation text, upload a cute photo and add a personal touch to each element of a party invitation. You don't have any special skills to use the birthday invitation maker.
  2. Save the design with the click of a button.
  3. Download printable birthday invitation PDF to print the invitation card yourself. You can get the cards printed at a local print shop or use the printing services of the print houses.
  4. Alternatively, save the design in PNG or JPG to send the invitations online via email or social media. It's not obligatory to send the invitations the old way, via mail. You can send the image via a messenger to inform a person that he or she is invited.
  5. Last but not least, you can let us get it done for you. Order printed invitations and get them printed on a premium paper and delivered right to your door for a very affordable price.

Birthday invitation etiquette

The birthday invitation wording and messaging are pretty straightforward and relaxed, requiring nothing special but the essential birthday party information.

Make sure to include the following information in your birthday invitation cards:

  1. Who's going to celebrate the birthday. Specify the name of a birthday boy or girl.
  2. Name the time and date of the party as well as the address of the venue.
  3. Request RSVP to know whether a guest is going to attend the party.

Never include a list of gifts. It's considered impolite. The guests will request it later.

Send the invitations in advance, so your invited guests can reserve the date for your celebration and arrange their plans accordingly.

Create perfect birthday invitations, invite your guests to share the moment of happiness with you and your closest ones and have a great time!

Party planning should be as fun as the party itself. I hope this collection will make it a little bit easier and enjoyable.

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