Housewarming Invitations


Congratulations on moving into a new house or apartment! It’s time to present your new home to your family and friends and host a housewarming party.

Please check the selection of the best customizable housewarming invitation templates that you can edit online and save on your device in PDF or PNG or even order premium quality prints.

Housewarming Invitations

Invite your guests to have a great time and celebrate the wonderful occasion of moving into a new home. Discover the wide range of designs and choose the one that matches your home atmosphere and your personality.


Housewarming is an old tradition that appeared long ago when the houses had no heating. Thus, the housewarming meant literally warming a new home for the new residents.

Today there is no need for physical warming. Meanwhile, it’s all about warming home with great emotions, good mood, cheering and toasts. Moreover, there are always plenty of party ideas and themes to choose from.

Welcome your friends and family to warm your house using moving announcements and housewarming invitations.

Usually, the invited guests don’t attend a housewarming party empty-handed. The majority of people prefer to bring a bottle of wine along with some gifts that you may find useful for a new home, like home decorations, kitchenware, appliances and other useful items.

Find housewarming invitation template that you like and the one that would match your favorite theme, home style and go ahead to personalize it to your preferences.

Free online drag-n-drop editor allows you to customize the invitation wording, fonts, position and design of the elements you can see on a template. All using simple settings. You don’t need to possess any special skills to get this done.

As soon as you are done with the customization you can:

  1. Download printable PDF and get the cards printed at a local print shop or other services.
  2. Download PNG or JPG to send the invitations online, via email or one of the social media websites.
  3. Order housewarming invitations prints right here and get them delivered to your address in a couple of days.

Etiquette rules.

As well as with any other party invitations, you should send the housewarming party invitations in advance to make sure people can include your party to their calendars and make sure they plan accordingly. Speaking of the wording, it can be pretty relaxed and informal since this is not a formal ceremony or anything like that.

Hope this collection will help you choose the design and create perfect party invites for your family and friends.

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