Cheap Wedding Invitations


I strongly believe that wedding invitations have to be affordable. They are an important part of the preparation for the wedding ceremony. Nonetheless, there are a lot of things that are even more important than wedding stationery, require your attention and cost money too.

Therefore I created this collection that includes cheap wedding invitations to help you save some money, stay on budget, host a budget wedding, and still invite your guests to the wedding with the perfect invites.

Discover wedding invitations templates in different styles, choose the design that matches your wedding theme, customize the designs and download printable invitations cards along with the quality wedding invitations suites for cheap.

Here is the selection of the best inexpensive wedding invitations that includes elegant, rustic, floral, fall, winter, boho, watercolor designs and more.

Affordable Elegant Wedding Invitations

Most people love invitations that are elegant and minimalist. These templates are all about elegance and grace.

Inexpensive Rustic Wedding Invitations

Browse the best rustic cheap wedding invitations online, and choose from the variety of design options and customize a template that would match your wedding style. 

Affordable Floral Wedding Invitations

Discover the unique floral designs and create amazing invitations with the free online editor that makes it easy to make the changes and customize the invites to create unique and beautiful budget wedding invitations.

Cheap Fall Wedding Invitations

Create cheap custom invitations with the beautiful fall invitation templates to match your fall-inspired wedding colors and theme. 

Cheap Winter Wedding Invitations

Create the best invitations ever with the winter-inspired designs. Browse the collection to find the templates that you like the best.

Cheap Beach Wedding Invitations

Planning a faraway wedding ceremony? Check out the best beach wedding invitations.

Cheap Boho Wedding Invitations

Enjoy nature and earth inspired by the incredible bohemian wedding design with the cutting edge creative decorations and lovely fonts.

Cheap Blue Wedding Invitations

Discover the popular blue wedding invitation designs. If your ceremony is going to be in navy, tiffany or royal blue, these wedding stationery will compliment your style perfectly.

Cheap Watercolor Wedding Invitations

Enjoy the creative hand-brushed watercolor design and rich color pallette.

Cheap Formal Wedding Invitations

Choose the formal design for your formal wedding ceremony and customize the text online for free. 

Cheap Simple Wedding Invitations

Discover the best simple wedding invitations designs and use the templates to create perfect wedding invitations.

Cheap Sunflower Wedding Invitations

Looking for sunflower wedding invitations that would match your ceremony colors and style? Get affordable wedding invitations with sunflower theme-inspired decorations and lovely typography.

Cheap Vintage Wedding Invitations

Browse the selection of vintage wedding invitations and turn the templates into beautiful invites in minutes with the free invitations maker.

Affordable Greenery Wedding Invitations

Match your wedding stationery with your main wedding ceremony colors and theme. Create magnificent greenery wedding invitations in minutes.

Cheap Purple Wedding Invitations

Enjoy the collection of purple wedding invitations with wonderful design and unique fonts. Choose a template you like and customize it online for free to create lovely cheap wedding cards.

Cheap Black Wedding Invitations

Get gorgeous black-inspired wedding invitations for your wedding guests.

Inexpensive Burgundy Wedding Invitations

Get cheap wedding invitations in burgundy style for your burgundy wedding party. Match the stationery with the primary colors to maintain the consistency and show your guests how much you appreciate them.


Wedding invitations are something you can really save money on if you manage this properly. You don't necessarily need fancy laser cut wedding invitations to make your guests appreciate the efforts. This collection is all about providing you with the best affordable wedding invitations online.

Three main reasons why digital templates are one of the best ways to save money on wedding invitations:

  1. The collection offers a wide range of customizable designs, so you can easily find the one that would match your wedding day theme.
  2. Customization with the online editor takes a few minutes, so you can create an exclusive and beautiful wedding invitation design that you want fast. It makes the customization of invitations easy and fun.
  3. The reasonable prices for these professionally designed invitations aren't high and totally affordable. Moreover, you'll spend much less money printing the invitations yourself than ordering them at the boutique and covering the postage. Overall, DIY approach guarantees a huge discount.
  4. Printable or printed. Choose the format you like and either download PDF to print later or order prints (invitation cards printed on a premium paper) with the delivery to your address for a good price.

Choose the design, customize it, download in PDF, print at the local print shop on a premium paper, put each invite into an envelope, seal and send wedding invites to your guests. Or just send emails with the invitation. It's that easy.

If you are unsure regarding the way the invitations are going to look like when printed, download the samples and print them or at office or home to make sure you know what you buy.

Save even more money with the wedding invitation suites! Instead of buying each piece separately, get a multi-piece kit that already has all the essential wedding stationery. Here you can find the best affordable wedding invitation packages and all-in-one wedding invitation sets that include save dates and RSVP cards, thank you cards, details, reception, wedding program templates, welcome sign templates and more. 

Get your guests breathe blown away with the unique designs that perfectly match your wedding style.

If you are looking for some exclusive offers that would include foil, laser cut and exclusive designs that would make you thrilled, please check out the Etsy shop.

I hope you'll be the most beautiful bride and have a wonderful wedding ceremony.

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