Bridal Shower Invitations


Invite the guests to your pre-wedding celebration with the beautiful wedding bridal shower invitations available in gorgeous styles: elegant, floral, vintage, rustic, sunflower, watercolor and more.

Customize the templates online and download PDFs or order them printed on a premium paper.

Bridal Shower Invitations

Browse the collection of professionally-designed bridal shower invitations and customize the templates to your own preferences with the free online editor. As soon as you get your invitations personalized, download them in print-ready PDF or order printed cards with the fast delivery.


Bridal shower is the traditional pre-wedding party made to honor a bride-to-be. The celebration is also an opportunity for guests to give a future bride some wonderful gifts like lingerie, jewelry or some useful things to set up her new home.

Use the party invitations designs in the collection above to create perfect wedding shower invites and throw a memorable bridal shower party.

How to plan a perfect party

Pick up the date. Reserve a date in your calendar for a bridal shower event. Make sure it's going to be a day of the week when it's easy for your guests to attend your Miss to Mrs party.

Set up a guest list. Simply create a list of people you'd like to come and share this great moment with you.

Choose and mail the announcements. Let guests know that they are invited in advance and welcome them to join the celebration.

Prepare the bridal shower thank you cards. Thank you cards are a great and fun tool for honoring your guests when the party is over. Use this occasion to say thank you to each of your guests and send them personalized invites.

Why using ready-made templates?

They are versatile. You can go the traditional way and use printable bridal shower invitations to create cards and send them to your guests using envelopes and stamps or you can send digital invites via email. 

The designs are unique. Each piece is professionally designed using unique font, calligraphy, artwork, and decorations to help you perfect your wedding stationery look.

Easily customizable. It takes only a few moments to edit the text on the party invitations to make them relevant for your party and save the personalized invitations. If you wish, you can also upload your own photo or design to create an invitation.

Bridal shower themes

Traditionally, the bridal shower takes place a couple of weeks prior to the big day. Speaking of the format, it used to be a daytime women-only event dedicated to the bride’s upcoming marriage. However, recently the list of party themes has become much more varied.

The most popular bridal shower themes:

  1. Champagne brunch or brunch bubbly. Who would reject the opportunity to enjoy fresh fruits and cool sparkling champagne? Invite your guests to have a champagne brunch. The engaging conversations and lots of laughter are guaranteed.
  2. Gatsby. Throw a Gatsby-inspired bridal shower party with chic dresses, feathered headbands and lots of classic cocktails that never go out of fashion.
  3. Brunch tea party. The classically British theme is a bridal tea party. If you are into floral, elegant, or formal styles, this format is definitely worth considering. Tea party bridal brunch is super popular today. And it's no wonder why.
  4. Country chic. Are you going to make a rustic or country style your main wedding theme? So why not to stay consistent from the very beginning and ask your bridal shower guests to come up with the cowboy costumes and decorate your room with the corresponding elements of design.
  5. Classic romance. A classic romantic bridal shower theme is your safest bet. It just can’t go wrong. This theme is all about love, florals, hearts, and romance.
  6. Pajama party. Did you love sleepover parties when you were a girl? This one is for grown-ups. You can host such a casual party at your own home, order pizzas and candies to enjoy a movie or play some games.
  7. Sweet treats. Love desserts? Throw an entire candy-centered party! Give yourself and your guests a day off your diets and become a sweet tooth for one day. Order macaroons, cupcakes, M&M’s, donuts and other sweet stuff that will make everyone feel happy.
  8. Disney. Add a sense of a fairy tale to your wedding with mouse ears and cartoon characters. No doubt, your guests will love the format.

As you can see, there is a bunch of options that you can use to throw a party. Last but not least, nowadays couples shower party format becomes more and more popular. Therefore it's totally up to you how to organize this event.

Bridal shower etiquette

Here are a few things you need to know about the bridal shower invitations.

Bridal shower invitation wording

There is nothing special in wording. Just don't forget about the essentials: date, time and location.

Who should organize the pre- wedding shower party?

Traditionally, the planning and hosting of the bridal shower party isn’t something a bride should take care of alone.

Since this party is all about honoring a bride-to-be, you can share the organizational issues with your friends, bridesmaids and your family. 

Who should send the invitations?

There are no strict rules that formalize this part of the preparation. Therefore, do it as you feel comfortable to do. The practice shows that it’s better to delegate this simple yet time-consuming task to your hosting team.

How long should the bridal shower party last?

Usually, such events don’t last too long. Around 3 or 4 hours. However, again, it depends on your personality and your guests. Some parties are even shorter whereas others prefer to keep partying all night long.
Just make sure to inform your guests about the format in advance so they can plan accordingly.

What's your favorite wedding shower invites design? Rustic bridal shower invitations are popular now. However, I personally like the floral theme. What about you? I hope this collection helped you find the design that matches your personality.

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