Wedding Thank You Cards


Enjoy the professionally-designed collection of the stylish wedding thank you cards to create perfect wedding thank-you postcards and match your primary wedding style to show love and gratitude to your loved ones.

Each thank you card template is 100% customizable and allows you to edit the text and personalize the design of each postcard via the free online editor in record time to create wonderful thank you cards that your guests will admire.

Wedding Thank You Cards

Browse the collection of thank you cards templates that come in wonderful colors available in the most popular styles (elegant, floral, rustic, vintage, formal, minimalist, etc.) and choose the one that will match your primary wedding theme.

Customize the designs online and download in PDF or PNG or order printed thank you cards for an affordable price.


The celebration is over and it's time to remember all the good memories you've got from the big day and say thank you to everyone who was involved.

Thank you cards from OnPlanners

  1. Unique designs from independent and in-house artists.
  2. Easy customization via free online editor.
  3. Premium quality paper and fast delivery.
  4. Complete wedding invitations sets

How to customize the design

You can personalize the thank you card wording with the free online editor right via your browser.

  1. Choose the template with the design you like.
  2. Click “Customize”.
  3. Use drag-n-drop editor to edit the text and placement of the key elements on your card or upload your own wedding photo or wedding pictures to personalize before saving it in PDF or PNG on your device.

This collection along with the builder helps you create unique printable thank you cards that you can:

  1. Print yourself at the local print shop.
  2. Order printed thank you cards here and get them delivered right to your home address.Great quality guaranteed.
  3. Use as digital invites and send them to invites guests via email.

What you need thank you cards for

As soon as your big day is over and your wedding ceremony has come to an end, it's time for you to express your gratitude by sending the beautiful thank you cards to all of your guests who made your marriage celebration day so special.

Thank you cards have become a part of the amazing fun and formal tradition where the couple honors the guests by sending warm greetings and expressing their gratitude.

The etiquette rules

  1. Send the thank you cards within 3 months after the wedding ceremony. Your guests understand that you might be busy with the honeymoon, legal documents exchange, moving, etc. However, make sure not to forget about this at all.
  2. Send the thank you cards to everyone who did attend wedding regardless of whether they have you a wedding gift or not or whether it a generous gift or not. Honor everyone who was present at your ceremony and shared a moment of joy and happiness with you.
  3. Send thank you cards to everyone individually even though you might receive a group gift.
  4. Showcase your kindness and send thank you cards to your wedding vendors too. Honor everyone who helped you make your wedding day happen, including wedding photographer, venue manager, videographer, caterer, officiant and others.

Wedding thank you cards wording

There are no strict rules that require a certain way of showing appreciation and write wedding thank-you notes. Just write some thoughtful and sincere message of gratitude that come right from your heart and make wedding thank-you notes as heartwarming as possible. Because it's all about warm emotions and memories.

Despite there are no formal rules of how long the text on the card has to be, usually the wedding thank you cards are short.

Open with the line of appreciation, then mention the exact gift you received from a guest and finish with some words from your heart that will show how grateful you are and make a recipient feel appreciated.

These thank you cards are designed to match the rest of your wedding stationery. Moreover, each template is a part of the corresponding wedding suite that consists of all the essential cards that all come in the same style and help you maintain cohesiveness and consistency. Discover the wedding invitation suites that have wedding invitations, RSVP cards, reception cards, details cards, thank you cards, save the date cards, wedding programs, bridal shower invitations and more.

So you can choose your favorite design and get all the wedding stationery in one style that matches your wedding theme.

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