Retirement Party Invitations


Celebrate your past accomplishments and future life enjoyment by throwing a retirement party. Invite your family, colleagues, and friends to honor you and have a great time remembering the wonderful moments of your career, chatting, having fun and enjoying dinner, drinks and cake.

Browse the retirement party invitations templates that come in lovely custom designs and provide unlimited personalization opportunities for your farewell party invites.

Retirement Party Invitations

Have you already decided what party theme you’d like to use? Either way, this collection has got you covered since you can find a template that would match your main party theme and help you make perfect retirement party invitations. Most of the time, timeless reserved black & white themes prove the best for retirement parties. However, you can always choose the one that matches your mood and personality.


Despite no one likes getting old, the retirement party is a great occasion to honor the retiree’s past career achievements and celebrate a new stage in his or her life that open great opportunities for traveling and enjoying life.

It’s been a long career with lots of ups and downs. Throw a retirement party to get a celebration you deserve.

Everything starts with a template. Once you’ve chosen the theme and design, you can take the next step and open the template via online invitation maker a.k.a. the editor that will help you add final touches and personalize the invitation cards just as you like.

The drag-n-drop builder will help you to customize the text (change wording, pick font, size, color) as well as the overall template design (decorations, background, colors, etc.) easily, with a few clicks. Therefore you can always change the date and location for your own date and location and customize anything you want.

As soon as you’re done with editing and feel 100% satisfied with the design, you need to click the “Save” button and proceed to save your design. We offer three major options when it comes to the format of your invitations.

You can go for classic printed invitations cards that you will need to put into envelopes and mail out to your guests the old way. We print them on premium paper and ship directly to you in a few days.

Alternatively, you can download a printable PDF file that’s 100% print-ready and can be turned into cards at Staples, Vistaprint or any other print shop.

Last but not least you can save the trees and go digital. Save the digital invitation in PNG or JPG and send invitations via email, SMS or social media.

The etiquette rules suggest that you should get your guests informed at least 4 weeks before the party so that you let them plan accordingly.

If you are going to organize any other celebrations, please make sure to check out the selection of invitations & announcements created by the best artists and designers.

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