Purple Wedding Invitations


Purple is becoming one of the most popular wedding theme these days. And for a good reason. This wonderful color is strongly associated with wealth, creativity, peace, wisdom, dignity and devotion. What a wonderful mix to add to your wedding ceremony.

Choose the design template and customize it via free online editor in minutes. Download printable PDF or order printed invitation cards.

Purple Wedding Invitations

Enjoy the purple collection of wedding invitations featuring various shades of purple color, elegant elements of design ranging from lovely flower bouquets with lavender, orchids and roses to unique backgrounds and magnificent calligraphy fonts. Choose the style that would perfectly fit your wedding theme and go ahead to make the perfect wedding invites. Choose between elegant purple wedding invitations and purple floral wedding invitations to find the one that you like the best.


Purple is a great choice for a wedding theme. Thanks to its wonderful look and associations that surround it, it certainly adds a feel of beauty, intimacy and fun to a wedding ceremony or reception party.

Match your invitations with your primary theme with the selection of purple wedding invitations templates and invite your guests to share happiness with you using marvelous invites.

Everything you need to know about the wedding invitations templates:

  1. 100% editable. The format make it easy and fun to customize the templates to your preferences editing everything from elements of decoration and background to font size, style and position. Online and free.
  2. Printable or printed. Choose the format you like and download a digital file with your design or order printed premium invitations that are ready to be sent the old way, in envelopes. Speaking of the digital format, you can download PDF, PNG or JPG. They are compatible with any device and can be sent online or printed to any printer.
  3. Professionally and exclusively designed. All the templates in this collection were designed by a professional designer with a great eye for detail.

Have you thought of other elements of wedding stationery like RSVP, details card, save the dates and other yet?

If you need anything except invitations, make sure to get those in the same style to maintain consistency and stick with your big day theme.

Check out the page with the all-in-one wedding invitation kits that include 7 items of wedding corresponding (wedding suites), all in one style, for an affordable price.

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