Best Electronic Planners 2024 - 2025


Check out the selection of the best Electronic Planners designed to keep you organized, productive, and motivated. You'll find options for all occasions, from digital to-do lists and daily journals to different project planners, work, finances, appointments, social media, wellness, meal, self-care, and more.

Each section features device-specific planners, including iPad (note-taking apps), reMarkable tablets, BOOX Note Air, and Kindle Scribe. Choose the planner you like for your device type, configure the settings you are interested in, download it in PDF format, and get started! Enjoy the management flexibility and planning efficiency achieved through a hyperlinked page structure with clickable tabs and buttons.

Electronic Planners for iPad

Everything you need to help you organize your schedule is here! These custom planners contain helpful tools for developing an efficient task management system. Create a detailed daily plan, easily track important cases, leave reminders for specific dates on the calendar for 2024 - 2025, set goals, priorities, and deadlines, check progress, etc.

Compatible with Apple iPad and Android tablets. Works with handwriting apps, including Goodnotes, Notability, Xodo, and Noteshelf.

Electronic Planners for reMarkable

Users of reMarkable tablets will appreciate this section. Expand the functionality of your device by downloading the scheduler you are interested in. Get organized, manage time wisely, and achieve your goals with an advanced digital planning system.

Pay attention to the possibility of fine-tuning the template you have chosen. You can select the week start day (Sunday or Monday), specify right-handed or left-handed mode (under which reMarkable overlays its menu), select portrait or landscape display orientation, and so on.

BOOX Note Air Electronic Planners Templates

These planners will become your real digital organizers for daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly planning and task tracking. Download the option you like on your tablet, enjoy an easy navigate system, take a stylus, and start planning anything you need.

Kindle Scribe Electronic Planners

Digital Planners for Kindle Scribe tablets allow managing your schedule effectively. Be well-organized, successfully implement your plans, prioritize, and reach new and new heights in any business, be it work, study, sports, etc.

Supernote Electronic Planner Templates

Look at these Electronic Planner templates for Supernote A5X and A6X devices. These planners contains large collection of layouts for every situation started from everyday routine to manage your work and business. Enjoy daily, weekly, monthly, budget, meal, fitness, goals, wellness, study templates. Be organized, especial in work, manage your schedule, to-do and everyday tasks. 

Top Electronic Planner Apps

( out of 5 stars)

If you are looking for Electronic Planner app, we can offer you this little collection.

  • Digital Planner
  • Paper Planner
  • Todoist
  • Trello
  • Planner Pro
  • Clickup
  • Google Calendar
  • Pencil Planner
  • Perfect Planner

These apps are suitable for some situations. The main reason to install the app is sync with Google Calendar and between your devices. This is a useful function. Unfortunately, it is available only in several applications like Trello, Todoist. But they are only task managers and don't have layouts like habit tracker or work planner. Digital Planner, Paper Planner and Pencil Planner are closer to classic PDF for GoodNotes, Notability. They contains large collection of templates for each situation. With these applications, you'll be able to plan daily, weekly, monthly, take notes, plan budget, sport, goals, track body, habits and more...

  • Work without PDF managers like GoogNotes;
  • Sync with calendars and between several devices;
  • Notifications on the screen;
  • Some application support kanban board and tasks delegation between users.
  • Available not for all OS e.g. Windows/Mac only, so you can't sync your phone with Laptop:
  • Limited collections of layouts, you'll have to pay several types to have something new;
  • Works only with internet connection.


I hope here you'll find the best solution to plan your day, week, month, and life. Enjoy Electronic Planners with many cool layouts, download templates in PDF for special situation or select special Apps. Be organized and have good mood every day! 

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