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Each lesson is a new challenge for every teacher. In order to have the students involved and interested in the subject or particular topic, it's crucial to get prepared for every lesson and deliver the best thoughts, ideas and knowledge in the best way possible. The key secret lies in the structure of a lesson that totally depends on the preparation. The better you prepare the better lesson you're going to deliver.

That's why I create these perfect lesson plan templates: to help you arrive prepared for a lesson and not to miss important details. Download lesson plan templates in PDF, print them out and get down to work: write down the lesson subject, lesson objectives, its duration, homework, references and outline the Action plan \/ Weekly lesson unit plan.

Also discover other templates that may help you organize your work like weekly lesson plan worksheet and seating chart templates, grade tracker and students' birthday calendar. If you need all of those, consider getting a premium package that includes all the templates that you see on this page and more, over 400 templates for daily, weekly planning, goal setting, budgeting and more. Organize everything, get things done and stay productive every day and every week.