May 2023 Calendar Templates


The templates in this collection come in a variety of styles and formats you can choose from. Choose from regular monthly calendar templates, birthday calendars, calendars with national holidays, calendars with notes, and to-do list sections, wall photo calendars, two months on one page, and more.

Simple May 2023 Calendars

Enjoy the selection of the best simple May calendar printable templates for 2023 and beyond. Download a template that you like and get it printed at home or at the office to use it as a part of your planner or as a standalone printout. Download blank calendars templates with a click of a button.

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Colored May Calendars 2023

Here are the colored calendar planner templates designed to help you become more organized and productive easily thanks to the simple and beautiful layout and well-thought-out structure of a page. Download one of these colored printable May calendars and start using it right now.

May Calendars With Notes & To-Do’s

What can make a calendar template a perfect tool? These are small sections for notes and task list. The templates in this collection have got just that. Choose the layout and style that you like and download a hassle free printable calendars for May 2023. Before downloading a template, make sure to choose the date range as well as the start day of the week.

Two Months per Page

More space for planning means more opportunities to stay on top of what's coming next. Plan everything out for 2 months at a time and have a bigger picture of your schedule available at a glance. Download printable and iPad-friendly PDF now.

May Birthday Calendars & Holiday Calendars

Stay up to date with all the upcoming holidays, birthdays and anniversaries in May 2023 with the beautiful birthday calendar templates. Check out the best available options, download in PDF format and get the calendars print at any printer.

Photo Calendars

Need something more personalized and custom? These photo calendars are made to help you with that. Customize online, add your favorite photos and get your unique photo calendar delivered to you via mail to get a cool gift for your family members or a pretty thing to decorate your bedroom, living room or office space.


Calendars are essential for organizing any part of your life. Here, you’ll be able to browse a variety of different monthly calendar templates. There’s bound to be a design to suit your unique style and purpose. There are many ways to customize your calendar. You can choose from a number of different page sizes including A4, A5, Letter, Half Letter, Filofax, and Happy Planner. You can also select when you want to start the week, on Sunday or Monday. Once you’ve completed your design, you’ll be able to download any of these styles in PDF. Print them out at home or at your favorite copy center. For those looking for a word or excel version of the calendar template, you can even convert to these formats using any of the popular converter tools found online.

Why you need a calendar 

As a personal productivity tool, nothing beats a calendar. Why waste time and energy trying to remember tasks and appointments when you can have them all written down in a single place, serving as a constant reminder for yourself. You can even maximize your efficiency with a calendar design that includes sections for notes and a to-do list. And this doesn’t have to be contained in your personal life either. You can use the same calendar to keep track of and plan any part of your life. This can be work, school, fitness, or meal planning. This provides a one-stop-shop to capture all the information for your day and ensure you never miss an important event or appointment.

These calendars are extremely versatile. Use them as a standalone piece in your preferred size that you can quickly add notes too. You can even have multiple copies placed throughout your home for different purposes. If you use other productivity tools like binders and folders, calendar templates make great additions to keep you organized and on top of your day. 

No matter what type of profession you’re in, a calendar template will be useful to you. If you are a teacher, use it to plan out lessons and activities. If you are a student, use it to plan out assignments and exam schedules. If you are a freelancer, use it to plan out client work. And if you are just someone who enjoys analog tools, is a productivity geek, or a fan of stationery, you will be amazed by these calendar templates. If you prefer to organize yourself electronically, you can upload these templates for use on your mobile devices such as your phone or iPad.

The month of May is a unique time of year that has inspired many different calendar templates. May also includes a number of holidays and interesting days you can keep track of in your own calendar template. They are listed below.

US National Holidays In May

Perhaps the best part of using a monthly planner is that you will know when every holiday occurs. You can track and stay up to date with big holidays or small ones, depending on how in-depth you want to get.

To help you stay up to date and never miss an important holiday, I've created a May holiday calendar consisting of international holidays and United States national holidays that you may celebrate in May 2023. Here are important observances, world days, dates and national days that May 2023 has prepared for you along with the US federal holidays. Enjoy the templates and celebrate May 2023 calendar holidays:

Date Holidays, observances, special days or events
May 1 International Harry Potter Day, May Day
May 2 Free Comic Book Day, National Brothers and Sisters Day
May 3 National Paranormal Day
May 4 Star Wars Day
May 5 Cinco de Mayo, National Teacher Day
May 6 National Beverage Day, National Nurses Day
May 7 National Day of Prayer, National Tourism Day
May 8 National Have a Coke Day
May 9 National Moscato Day, World Migratory Bird Day
May 10 Mother's Day, National Shrimp Day
May 11 National Eat What You Want Day
May 12 National Limerick Day
May 13 Fair Trade Day, International Hummus Day, National Apple Pie Day
May 14 National Buttermilk Biscuit Day
May 15 International Day of Families
May 16 National Armed Forces Day, National Mimosa Day
May 17 National Walnut Day
May 18 National No Dirty Dishes Day
May 19 National Devil's Food Cake Day
May 20 National Be a Millionaire Day
May 21 National Talk Like Yoda Day
May 22 Harvey Milk Day, National Maritime Day
May 23 National Taffy Day
May 24 Aviation Maintenance Technician Day, Indianapolis 500
May 25 Memorial Day, National Wine Day, Towel Day
May 26 National Paper Airplane Day
May 27 National Brisket DayNational Hamburger Day
May 28 National Sunscreen Day, Shavuot
May 29 Learn About Composting Day
May 30 National Mint Julep Day
May 31 National Macaroon Day


If you are looking for more 2023 calendars or other planner templates, please feel free to walk around and find the best daily, weekly, meal planners as well as habit trackers, goal planners and more.

If you have any additional questions regarding calendar templates, please don't hesitate to contact me via email.

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