Weekly Schedule Planner Templates


Maybe you have a daily plan in place, but do you have a weekly schedule? Using one can help you improve on both personal and professional productivity. When the amount of meetings, classes, projects, and events in your life has your head spinning, make use of a weekly timetable template to stay on top of it all!

Use our printable PDF weekly schedule templates and you’ll see what tasks you need to complete each day, even down to the hour if you choose. It’s great for teams at work or families too so that everyone knows what’s expected of them. 

Schedule the week ahead and every week from now on to manage time more efficiently. With one quick look, you’ll be able to see everything that needs to happen rather than getting caught out at the last minute. There are options for 2-page layouts, versions with overviews, priorities, goal-setting, and even to-do lists to help you manage your own week, your team’s week, or even your family’s week all in one convenient spot.

Weekly Schedule Templates With Hours

Browse the selection of weekly planning pages designed to help you schedule appointments and keep track of tasks and chores easily. Download printable weekly planner templates and start using them to organize out your weeks by hours.

One-Page Weekly Planner Pages

Get a simple at-a-glance weekly overview with the one-page weekly planner templates allowing you to keep all your to-do's, appointments and notes in one place. These templates are available in PDF format in various page sizes: A4, A5, Letter, Half Letter.

Full-Size Printable Weekly Planners

Two-Page Weekly Schedule Printable Templates

Discover the spacious weekly schedule templates available with the two- page layout. Customize the dates and choose the start day of the week (Sunday or Monday) and save one of these templates in PDF format to print out as many sheets as you need.

Weekly Calendar Schedule Templates

Choose one of the blank calendar templates to turn your weekly routine into a perfect plan. Enjoy the classic dated format to plan your activities for a certain day more efficiently. Take the stress out of your daily, weekly, monthly routine with simple planning tools.

Weekly To-Do List Templates

If you need something less sophisticated, consider weekly to-do lists built to provide the simplest way possible to organize all your tasks and assignments in one place and stay focused on what matters the most. Download printable to-do lists now and print at home.

Full-Size Printable Weekly Planners Undated


Choose the worksheets that will help your get your work, college or class schedule more organized and structured. Once you find the weekly timetable template you want, you can choose the size. These are all very flexible and available in A4, A5, Letter, and Half Letter. Your weekly template is a downloadable PDF file that you can print. Get it now to get in gear every week! Besides, you can use online converters to change the format of a file to use it in OpenOffice, word, excel, or Google docs. Please also make sure to get free printable samples to see if the template you like really meets your needs.

Why You Need Weekly Schedule Templates

Where are you supposed to be on Wednesday at 11 AM? If you’re struggling to keep the times, dates, and locations of where you’re expected each week, then a weekly timetable is essential in your life. Never again will you forget an important task, meeting, project, or appointment when you keep tabs on everything for the week.

With versions that even allow you to plan things by the hour, you’ll be able to map out the days ahead with more efficiency. These templates are one of the most critical tools for anyone. Students can keep up with assignments and classes. Bosses can see who is scheduled each day and each time slot. Workers can see all their tasks and appointments so they’re always on time for everything. Even busy parents can both work and personal agendas all in one location to stay ahead of the curve!


Even if you plan by the day, this PDF can really help. It gives you the bigger picture so you can focus on bigger goals. Not everything needs to be done in one day. Some projects take a week or longer to complete. By scheduling time for them each day of the week, you’ll be less stressed and ready to impress. 

A weekly schedule differs from a list in that it gives concrete dates and times that you assign. By taking a few moments to organize for the coming week, you’ll be well-poised to conquer everything that has to be done. Ever wonder why some people seem unfazed by all the things they have to do? It’s because they use a timetable to serve as their own personal assistant to get everything done!

Why Choose OnPlanners Templates

When you’re ready to get organized for the week, choose from one of our ours PDFs to help you make short work of every responsibility and task. We have an incredible selection of both dated and undated styles that are sure to suit any taste. With different layouts, you’ll find the one that makes it easy for you to stay organized in your weekly life. 

We help you change the way you live your life for the better by giving you weekly schedule templates that make it easy to plan your week ahead. Plan down to the hour if you want to or choose versions that have all the extras such as sections for goal-setting, priorities, or to-do lists. This keeps everything you need to manage for your week altogether. The variety of layouts, sizes and quality of these templates makes our collection the best choice. Besides, you can access a wide range of other productivity-driven templates for use at office and home.

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