Calendar Schedule Templates


Browse the selection of the best Calendar Schedule Templates to help you plan your daily tasks, keep a to-do list, and track upcoming events. Be sure that together with such templates, you will create a flexible and convenient schedule, become a more productive and successful person, effectively cope with any business.

You can customize each layout to your preference, including page size, cutting marks for your planner or notepad, choice of starting day of the week (Sunday or Monday), etc. Choose your favorite templates, download them in PDF format and print them.

Monthly Calendar Schedule Templates

Have a busy month full of different tasks ahead? Be sure to use these handy customizable templates to get the most out of your schedule planning. This way, you will be well organized and not miss any important task or event.

Weekly Schedule Templates

Plan schedules for the week ahead by keeping track of the list of tasks in a format convenient for you. By creating a detailed action plan, you will understand what is on the agenda, what your priorities are, and what you will spend time on first.

Daily Tasks Schedule Templates

Write down absolutely everything that needs to be done for a particular day in one of these wonderful templates. The main advantage of layouts is the ability to schedule in hourly format, which is very convenient and practical.

Yearly Schedule Templates

Do you have long-term goals that you plan to achieve during the year? Then Yearly Schedule Templates are what you need! Choose the printables you are interested in, available in PDF, and start planning things.

Birthdays Calendar Templates

To not forget about the upcoming b-days of your family, friends, and colleagues, mark the upcoming dates in the Birthdays Calendar. Any person will be pleased that you remember him and congratulate him on holiday in person, by phone, through a social network, etc.

Class Schedule Templates

With these templates, you can record your school, college, or university class timetable, keep track of homework, review the semester, and more. Download and print the sheets you need and attach them to your student planner for a more organized and successful study.

Work Schedule Templates

All you need to plan and track work schedules can be found in this section. Each layout is available in popular page sizes, including A4, A5, Letter, Half Letter, Happy Planner, Pocket, Filofax, etc.

Chores & Cleaning Schedule Templates

For cleanliness and comfort to reign in the house, don't forget to carry out timely cleaning. Also, distribute tasks among all family members. Chores & Cleaning Schedule Templates are the perfect tool to easily make a cleaning schedule and assign who and what duties around the house on one or another day.

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