Fitness and Workout Templates


To build and develop your body successfully, improve your physical health, build muscle and improve your overall well-being, it is extremely important to adhere to an individual training regime and fitness program. These handy Workout Planners will help you quickly and efficiently create an optimal workout plan, manage your time wisely, schedule your exercises, organize meals and more.

You can download the PDF file and upload it to popular note-taking apps, including Goodnotes, Notability, Noteshelf or Xodo by scheduling and tracking workouts tasks right from your iPad or Android tablet. Also the template you like can be personalized according to your preferences and printed.

Daily & Weekly Fitness Plan Templates

Create a detailed plan for your sport activities at the gym, at home or outdoors. Keep a simple workout log, note the interval between strength and rest, jot down important information and helpful notes about biceps pumping exercises, bench press, CrossFit, cardio and more.

Do your research with the exercise tracker, watch how powerful you get, track your progress on completed tasks every day. This high-quality and easy-to-use fitness journal will provide the right motivation and achieve the desired results for both the beginner and the experienced athlete.

Weight Loss & Body Tracker Templates

Gaining or losing excess weight are some of the most important elements in building a big, lean and healthy body. Create a new system with a personalized diet schedule, add nutrition goals for the coming days and weeks, track the number of calories in the food you eat, step by step note how much fat you burn and how much you gain in muscle mass.

Fitness Goal & Wellness Chart Templates

A goal planner together with a habit tracker will help you not get confused in your daily routine, make your fitness-training better and more effective, and your life healthier and more prosperous. Use a weekly wellness chart to help you plan your optimal sleep, rest, nutrition and bathing schedule. Choose a customized printable template right now, train with pleasure and you will certainly achieve success in sport!

Digital Fitness & Workout Planners

Here is a wide selection of digital planners ready to use in the best handwriting apps. Choose from over 40 beautiful covers and easily customize your workout sheet to your preference. Access planning and tracking tools for your fitness and workout tasks right from your tablet!

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