March 2024 Calendar Templates


Browse our selection of March 2024 calendar templates. In the collection you will find templates of various styles and formats that are convenient and useful. For example, you can choose from regular monthly calendar templates, or ones made specially for birthdays, national holidays, and to be made into wall photo calendars. You can also find templates that feature to-do lists, notes, multiple months on one page, and much more. All the templates are available in PDF format that allows you to use these pages both printed and digital. Choose the date range and page size (A4, A5, Letter and Half Letter, Happy Planner).

Simple March 2024 Calendars

Browse the selection of the simple minimalist-inspired calendar March 2024 templates and choose the one that you like the best to download and start using right now. This is a universal tool that will help you get everything planned and organized on one simple page.

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Colored March Calendars 2024

Browse the selection of the best colored yearly calendars and download lovely printable monthly planner templates to use them printed or digital. Choose the template with the color palette and font that appeals to you and get it saved on your device in the preferred page size in seconds.

March Calendars With Notes & To-Do’s

Enjoy the 2023 calendar template powered by the to-do list and notes sections. Download the versatile templates to plan everything out easily, organize your mid-term tasks and get things done like never before. All the templates come in PDF format making them ideal for your analog and digital planners.

Two Months per Page

Get more things organized on one page with a super convenient format that allows you to plan for two months at a time. Go for two months per page format. Use one of these templates to get organized and get things done easily.

March Birthday Calendars & Holiday Calendars

Are there any holidays and birthdays in March 2024 that you would like to keep track of? I bet you do. These holiday calendar templates and birthday calendar templates are meant to help you do just that. Download the professionally-designed template hat you like and print it out at home or at the office or upload to your tablet to use digitally.

Photo Calendars

Go the extra mile and create a custom wall calendar with your favorite photos featured on its pages. Use free online editor to customize the collages and add your best photos to it. Then order the calendar from OnPlanners where we will take care of printing and shipping services to deliver the first-class personalized calendar for 2024.


The monthly calendar templates can be downloaded directly to your computer in PDF format. Unfortunately, there are no professionally printed, Excel, or Word versions. However, they are still very versatile, as you can print the templates at home by yourself to use in a binder, or you can upload each calendar template directly to your iPad for use as a digital planner. 

Regardless of the version you choose, each template can be customized before download. This ability allows you to choose between several page size options including A4, A5, half letter, full letter, Filofax, or even Happy Planner. You can also specify whether you want your weeks to begin on Sunday or Monday.

Please also make sure to download free printable calendars samples to your computer to print it out and see if it looks nice enough.

Why Do You Need Productivity Tools?

In today’s world, many people search for the right types of personal productivity tools, and for good reason! Let’s face it, people are busier now than ever before. So, when you get caught up in too many tasks, it’s easy to overlook one sometimes.

When you choose to use monthly calendar templates, that will be a thing of the past. Using a planner allows you to plan and prepare for the things you need and want to do. So, rather than trying to keep mental tabs on your planned activities, you can put them in your planner and see everything in one place. You’ll find that you’re not only more organized but more efficient as well! 

What Can Monthly Planners Be Used For? Who Are Monthly Planners For?

The best thing about monthly planners is that they can be used for literally anything. They are great for helping people organize tasks for work, life, fitness, meal planning, studying, remembering holidays, and just about anything else you can think of from Monday through Friday.

As I said, you can use a monthly planner for just about anything. So, regardless if you’re a teacher planning lessons, a mother planning play dates, or a freelancer who needs to organize their deadlines - these calendar templates can help! They are also great for many types of professionals who deal with a great number of deadlines and meetings, as well as productivity geeks, fans of stationery, or even those who love analog tools.

Holidays In The Month of March

Perhaps the best part of using a monthly planner is that you will know when every holiday occurs. You can track large holidays or small ones, depending on how in-depth you want to get. The calendar templates for March 2024 can include holidays such as:

To help you stay up to date and never miss an important holiday, I've created a March holiday calendar consisting of international holidays and United States national holidays that you may celebrate in March 2024. Here are important observances, world days, dates and national days that March 2024 has prepared for you along with the US federal holidays. Enjoy the templates and celebrate March 2024 calendar holidays:

Date Holidays, observances, special days or events
March 1 First Day of Spring
March 2 Old Stuff Day
March 3 World Wildlife Day
March 4 Holy Experiment Day
March 5 World Book Day
March 6 Dentist's Day
March 7 National Cereal Day
March 8 International Woman’s Day
March 9 National Barbie Day
March 10 International Day of Awesomeness
March 11 Popcorn Lover's Day
March 12 National Girl Scout Day
March 13 National K9 Veterans Day
March 14 National Potato Chip Day
March 15 The Ides of March
March 16 National Panda Day
March 17 Saint Patrick Day
March 18 Awkward Moments Day
March 19 National Let's Laugh Day
March 20 French Language Day
March 21 National Fragrance Day
March 22 National Goof Off Day
March 23 National Puppy Day
March 24 National Cheesesteak Day
March 25 International Waffle Day
March 26 Live Long and Prosper Day
March 27 National Joe Day
March 28 Quentin Tarantino's Birthday
March 29 Nothing special to celebrate
March 30 National Doctor's Day
March 31 World Backup Day


If you are looking for more 2024 calendars or other planner templates, please feel free to look around and find the best daily, weekly, meal planners as well as habit trackers, goal planners and more.

Do you have additional questions about March 2024 calendar templates? Contact me today, I'm here to help!

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