Printable Weekly Calendar Templates


Our weekly calendar templates come in a number of different styles and designs. Whether you want something simple or something that’s jazzed up, you’ll find it here. Choose one that you like and get started on getting organized with every week. You’ll find dated and undated versions too so you can use whatever makes you most comfortable.

You’ll see your entire week at a glance with a weekly calendar. Unlike bulky planners, you can print out just what you need and file away finished weeks to stay on top of your plans. Busier schedules call for templates with 2 pages per week over the traditional 1-page format. Now you won’t have to try to write small to fit it all. There are versions with overviews for the week and to-do lists too so you can have everything you need to take care of all in one handy place.

Choose the weekly calendar template you want, then select a paper size from A4, A5, Letter, and Half-Letter. Don't forget to set the start and the end dates, and choose the week start day (Sunday or Monday). You can then download our weekly calendar template planner pages in PDF and print them with any printer at home to get your week ahead organized!

Digital Weekly Calendar Templates

Here is a selection of downloadable Weekly Planners for iPad and E ink devices in this section. Calendars available in portrait and landscape view. If you are tired of printing PDFs and make planners on paper - this is the best solution. Just use your iPad, reMarkable, Kindle Scribe, ONYX BOOX or Supernote as Digital Calendar and forget about pen and paper. These planners contain many useful layouts except calendars, so you'll be happy to have it. Try and enjoy it!

But if you are interesting only in printable calendars just look below to the next section.

Blank Weekly Calendar Templates

Browse the best weekly appointment calendar templates with the portrait orientation designed to help you really improve your productivity and keep track of everything easily on printable planning pages. Choose a calendar and save in on your device now. Also, download free weekly calendar samples to see if it looks good enough and suits your objectives.

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At A Glance Weekly Calendars

Get a quick and user-friendly weekly overview with the planner featuring single-page format. Enjoy its compact layout to fit everything on one page and always be informed about what comes next. Save a template that you like as a PDF file on your device and print at home as many sheets as you want.

Weekly Schedule Templates

Check out the 2024 - 2025 weekly calendars with two pages per week format. They provide more freedom for planning and note-taking and don't force you to compromise the space. Download to print at home to improve your efficiency and start planning your weeks smarter.

Full-Size Printable Weekly Calendars

Browse The Full-Size Printable Weekly Planner Templates and choose the option you like (Original, Casual, Floral). You have the opportunity to choose from more than thirty beautiful covers for every taste that emphasize your uniqueness and creativity. Easily plan weekdays, weekends and holidays, create a personal schedule and effectively monitor daily affairs.

Weekly Hourly Planner Templates

Discover hourly weekly calendars that are perfect for simple time management. Take notes, schedule the appointments and highlight the reminder to stay on top of your schedule. Download printable blank calendars designed to help you manage time planning and busy weekly work schedule and tasks schedule easily.

Weekly To Do List Templates

Check out the classic to-do list calendars ranging in design and layout. Before getting your final PDF file, make sure to download free printable weekly to-do lists samples to print them out and check if the template you choose suits your preferences.

Full-Size Printable Weekly Calendars Undated

Customizable Weekly Planners is a convenient way to organize yourself, get rid of hectic thoughts, and increase productivity. It doesn’t matter what tasks require your participation, you can effectively manage your time, plan a to-do list for a specific period ahead, know the urgent tasks of the current week, and simply track progress.


It’s the beginning of the week. Do you know where to begin on Monday morning? If not, a weekly calendar template can help you strategize and plan for the week ahead. Whether you’ve got gobs of presentations to finish, the kids have activities and parties, or a combination of both, weekly calendar templates help you manage it all without breaking a sweat.

All blank weekly calendar templates in this collection support flexible size format allowing for easy customization of page size with a click of a button.

With our weekly calendar templates, you’ll be able to view your entire week in one glance. Take the stress out of remembering what you need to do and lay it out all before your eyes in one of our many styles that will help keep you organized. 

Why You Need Weekly Calendar Templates

If you’ve ever sat down at your desk on a Monday morning and felt like the week ahead looks muddled and confusing, a weekly calendar template is for you. You can organize tasks, responsibilities, projects, and appointments for each day. Versions that have an hourly breakdown are ideal for those that take lots of meetings or need to have more details to get the job done.

Weekly calendar templates are an important tool for everyone from students to workers to parents. You’ll know what’s coming in the days ahead and be ready for it!

Benefits of Weekly Calendar Templates

Have you ever dreamed of having more time? Weekly calendar templates are the way to get more hours into your day. It’s all about getting organized. When you fill out your weekly calendar template, you’ll no longer waste time wondering what you forgot to do. You can get ahead and check off all the things you accomplished. There’s nothing more satisfying than that!

Plan by the hour every day, make a to-do list, prioritize tasks, and set goals for yourself. It’s a proven method to reduce stress and become the best at what you do, no matter what you’re doing.

Everyone has a different style, different responsibilities, and a different outlook, but the one thing we all have in common is that we need to stay organized. A weekly calendar will do exactly that. With versions that let you plan ahead for the week, even down to every hour, plus extra sections for to-do lists and big priorities, you’ll have everything on your plate right in front of you.

If you need other tools to organize different parts of your life, please make sure to check the collection of planner printables including meal and goal planners, year calendars 2024, daily schedules, to-do lists and more. All available in PDF format. You can convert them into excel or doc to use and edit via Microsoft Word.

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