August 2023 Calendar Templates


Browse the selection of the best August 2023 monthly calendars in PDF format that are 100% compatible with note-taking apps or can be easily printed at the office or at home. Customize a universal template that you like and download it in PDF format to start using it right now, printed or digital. 

Simple August 2023 Calendars

Enjoy the collection of simple calendar templates for August 2023. These templates provide you with the best possible tool for short-term and long-term planning. Download one or a few templates in PDF format to get them printed or use on your iPad.

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Colored August Calendars 2023

Ready to take your planning experience to the next level? Download one or a few calendar templates for August with the colorful design and beautiful fonts. Download now and start using today. All templates can be customized before downloading: choose the page size, date range and first day of the week.

August Calendars With Notes & To-Do’s

Get more done with the coolest calendar templates powered by sections for notes and a to-do list. Download August 2023 calendar template now to become more organized right now.

Two Months per Page

August Birthday Calendars & Holiday Calendars

Photo Calendars


Monthly calendars are amazing tools for people to use to keep track of their time. With the Goodnotes August 2023 collection, you can plan your time wisely, increase productivity and simplify your life by taking some of the stress out of knowing what you still have to do. With a full month planned out, logging deadlines, tasks and important events, you can increase your productivity and relieve the stress that comes with not remembering or not knowing.

Monthly Calendars

Our monthly calendar templates can be downloaded in PDF format for easy export to our comprehensive note-taking and planning platform. Before download, you can quickly and easily choose the size and dimensions you’re downloading in, which are optimized for most programs. Choose from A4, A5, Letter, Half-Letter, Filofax, Happy Planner and more, and choose the starting day of your week as either Monday or Sunday! These pages are printable for use in your productivity binder, or simply to pin up on your fridge or wall and can be uploaded to your devices for use as digital planners.

The templates in the August 2023 collection come in a variety of formats: regular blank calendars, birthday calendars to keep track of your friends and family’s special days, national holidays, notes, to-do lists, wall photo calendars, calendars split into multiple months, and much more. Browse ahead now to view all the available styles and formats!

Powerful Productivity Planners in a Single Calendar

With our collections of monthly calendars, you can take control of your unique needs. Whether you need help remembering what’s going on in your month, or you’d like a useful tool for becoming more productive and engaged, these simple downloadable calendars are easy tools to get you more organized, more productive and feel better about your time.

These templates come in a variety of customizable options, as mentioned before, and can be individualized by you to boost your personal needs and keep you more organized in the time to come. A personal calendar can be an amazing tool for your productivity and can be used to keep track of everything from your work schedule, student deadlines, family gatherings and responsibilities, fitness goals, meal planning and much more. Any individual who needs to stay organized can benefit from these digital planners which can be used across devices, meaning that updating, adding or altering information is a breeze. In addition, Goodnotes monthly planners function in a way that makes all information easy to access, with in-app search and handwriting recognition that allows you to quickly and easily browse through your information.

Useful for All

One of the best things about our collection of monthly planners is that it is so customizable. That means that whether you’re a student, business professional, freelancer, productivity or fitness geek, or simply someone who needs a little bit of help maintaining their schedules for peace of mind, our monthly planners can be customized to your needs; on paper or in app. Relieve the stress of not knowing, and stay organized and productive with our comprehensive range of calendars for the month of August 2023.

Main Holidays in August 2023

In order to keep you up to date, we’ve created a list of important holidays in the month of August 2023 . Take a look and stay prepared for these important days and federal holidays.

Date Holidays, observances, special days or events
August 1 Colorado Day
August 2 British Columbia Day
August 3 National White Wine Day
August 4 Coast Guard Birthday
August 5 National Underwear Day
August 6 International Beer Day
August 7 Purple Heart Day
August 8 International Cat Day
August 9 Victory Day
August 10 Muharram
August 11 Mountain Day
August 12 International Youth Day
August 13 International Lefthanders Day
August 14 National Bowling Day
August 15 Assumption of Mary
August 16 Bennington Battle Day
August 17 National Thrift Shop Day
August 18 National Couple's Day
August 19 National Aviation Day
August 20 Hawaii Statehood Day
August 21 Senior Citizens Day
August 22 National Tooth Fairy Day
August 23 Cheap Flight Day
August 24 National Waffle Day
August 25 National Banana Split Day
August 26 Women’s Equality Day
August 27 Lyndon Baines Johnson Day
August 28 National Red Wine Day
August 29 National Lemon Juice Day
August 30 National Beach Day
August 31 World Distance Learning Day

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