Weight Loss Planners


Check out our selection of the best weight loss planners that will give you great motivation to lose weight, eat right, stay on training, reach your goals in a short time and enjoy life. Download a print-ready PDF or use it in popular note-taking apps on iPad and Android tablets.

Weight Loss & Body Tracker Templates

Start tracking your weight today! Take daily measurements of body fat and clothing size and write down calculations for major parts of your body, including neck, chest, arms, wrists waist, hips, thighs, calves and ankles.

By following the correct diet and performing regular sports loads, you are guaranteed to see successful results in the coming weeks.

Customize the sheet size you want and download the printable weight loss tracker in PDF. Also available digitally for handwriting applications such as Notability, Goodnotes, Noteshelf or Xodo.

Fitness Plan & Healthy Eating Templates

Being in good physical shape is the key to your strength, mental health and a great mood. Create a personal fitness plan, mark your workout days and make sure to plan for adequate rest and sleep that will help you feel better and get you even healthier. Track your physical activity, add a list of exercises to build muscle, maintain cardio and more.

Eat healthy nutrition and quit bad habits. Start by creating a meal schedule, including a perfectly planned breakfast, lunch and dinner. Keep a helpful recipe journal and regularly write down food information consumed and pounds lost. It's time to burn extra calories and take in healthy carbs and proteins!

Digital Weight Loss Planners

Enjoy all the benefits of virtual diet planning, weight tracking and overall health. These digital planners are specially designed for you and are available in two beautiful dark and light themes.

Choose the option you like and upload it to your device. You will appreciate the high-quality hyperlinked page structure with interactive tabs, charts and keys designed to manage all your weight loss tasks in the most convenient way.

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