Password Log Templates


Browse the selection of the best password log templates available for download in PDF format. Choose the layout and design you like the most and download printable file to print it with your home or office printer in record time. These templates are designed to help you with storing your usernames passwords information, protect your personal online accounts and keep your user login information safe and organized in one place.

Choose from various layouts and designs the option that you like the most and download printable password log so that you can start keeping your passwords protected today.

Password Log Templates

Enjoy the variety of template randing in the number of columns, color palettes and realization of the inputs. Download your perfect password log worksheet and start securing passwords today, so that you stop worrying about the safety of your personal accounts and focus on what matters the most.

Before getting a template please feel free to get via email or download free password log template samples to print them out and check if they are going to work for you when it comes to design, layout and overall convenience.


The amount of services an average person uses regularly today in this always-connected world is tremendous. Given that every site requires a personal account with its own login and password, managing this data becomes quite difficult.

However, remembering all the passwords isn’t worth the struggle. Some tips may claim that using one strong password for all platforms is an ultimate solution. Others may tell you that easier passwords are easier to remember so you may never struggle to recall one. However, security-wise recommendations state the opposite. You should use both complex and different login and pass combinations in order to make sure all your accounts are safe. Otherwise, in case hackers learn your credentials, they can get access to absolutely all your personal and financial account with only one pass. Overall, it's neither safe nor advisable to do so, because the risk is too high then.

So what’s the easy solution then?

Printable password log or password list is the simple tool designed to help you keep all your logins and passwords organized and structures in one place. Last but not least important aspect is that this tool is physical and offline, meaning it has a huge security level. You can keep it in your table, on the shelf or in your binder planner and never worry about losing access to your list. Unlike your computer, other digital devices and software these templates cannot be hacked or lost, unless you use these password sheets too intensively and take them from one place to another too often.

If your need this very solution then this collection of printable password spreadsheet templates is just for you.

These templates will help you manage easily all your sensitive account information as well as personal and professional passwords in one place and never forget even the most complicated and long passwords, because you’ll always have them listed on one compact sheet of paper.

The templates come in PDF format. Meanwhile if you need Microsoft word document or Excel spreadsheet you can use a free online converter to change the format in seconds. Speaking of the available page sizes, you can choose a custom size between popular A4, A5, Letter and Half Letter. Which one is the best? The one that works for you. Choose the size that meets your needs: fits your planner or provides the maximum space for creating a comprehensive list.

Using such a password tracker log is both convenient and secure. Firstly, you don’t need to come up with the complex design yourself and draw anything. Secondly, it’s a perfect tool for professional and personal use since you can have two lists where you note logins for different services - for work and life.

Please also make sure to consider getting premium access to my collection of over 400 planner templates where you can find all the printable templates needed to lead a productive and successful life as well as keep track of everything easily.

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