Happy Planner Inserts


Are you a fan of The Happy Planner? These planners are made and sold by “Me and My Big Ideas”, and are highly popular due to the fact that they are refillable. They are available in five different sizes: mini, micro, classic, skinny, and big. Each planner has a beautifully designed cover and the best part is, we offer printable inserts for the various planner sizes. Each insert that you see here can be downloaded in PDF format right to your computer. So, you can simply choose one design, or as many designs as you’d like, download them, and print them at the office or at home to later add new pages to your Happy Planner.

Happy Planner Daily Pages 2024 - 2025

Browse the selection of the best daily planner templates available in Happy Planner sizes and download printable PDF now. Also make sure to customize them before downloading a file. Choose the color, format that you like (dated and undated) and decide if your need any extensions like to-do lists or want to go with the simple daily planner sheet.

Happy Planner To Do List Templates

Download classic happy planner inserts with to-do lists that will help you organize your tasks in one place and always stay focused on what matters the most. Choose the layout that you like the most, customize size of the page, save it on your device and print out at the office or at home easily.

Happy Planner Weekly Templates

Browse the selection of Happy Planner inserts that feature the most popular layouts for planning - weekly planner templates. Choose the style, view and your preferred happy planner size to add a weekly planning dashboard to your binder today. All inserts are print-ready and come in convenient PDF format that you can open via a browser or Adobe Acrobat application.

Happy Planner 2024 Calendar Templates

Looking for simple tools that would help you organize mid- and long-term commitments? Then monthly calendars are going to be the best choice. Get calendar templates for your inserts and add new pages to your planner so that you always have enough sheets to capture important information and stay on top of your schedule.

Happy Planner Budget Templates

Money management is as important as time management. Therefore make sure to add to your planner some budget planning inserts. Discover wonderful templates in the collection below and save them on your device in few seconds to print out later with any printer that you have. Hole punch and bind them in record time. And simply print more when you run out of pages.

Happy Planner Meal Templates

Plan your menu for a few days or weeks ahead, track calories and save recipes that you want to try easily with the meal planner templates for your Happy Planner iserts. Download printable PDFs and print them out in minutes at the office or at home to start using as soon as possible.

Happy Planner Teacher Templates

Need some pages to keep up your career as a teacher and improve a teaching process for you and your students? Please check out these teacher planner templates available in Happy Planner full and half sheets size to download and print at home. The templates have decent margins that will make it easy for you to punch hole the pages and bind them together.

Happy Planner Student Templates

Take your studying experience to the new level by being more organized and efficient with the planner pages designed specially for students. Browse the selection of the best student planner templates for and download printable sheets to power up your favorite binder.

Happy Planner Goal Setting Templates

Set and ahieve your boldest ambitions with the goal setting templates. These inserts are made to help you master the right approach to goal setting and be more effective when it comes to achieving your goals. Set short-term and long-term goals, track the progress, reflect on the past steps and plan the future roadmap with your planner.

Happy Planner Fitness and Workout Templates

Do you want to get your workout routine organized too? Download Happy Planner inserts for fitness and workout planning to take your sport achievements to the next level. Download printable PDF file now and add it to your binder already today.

Happy Planner Notebook Inserts

Add blank pages to your Happy Planner with dot grid pattern for bullet journaling or simple ruled paper for comfortable note-taking. Enjoy using pens and pencils for writing, sketching and drawing with your favorite planner. Download now and get started asap.


The Happy Planner Insert Collection

There are many themes contained in these collection of Happy Planner inserts. We offer printable inserts that come in classic happy planner and mini formats. They are very versatile, so you can choose between daily, weekly, or monthly calendars, as well as goal planners, to-do lists, teacher and student pages, budget planners, habit trackers, and so forth. Each insert comes in a variety of colors and designs, so choose one or choose five! Or even better go for a complete premim bundle that offers lifetime access to a huge kit of 500+ happy planner printables for an affordable price that you won't find at any other site or Etsy shop.

Why Choose Happy Planner Inserts

Most people choose Happy Planner inserts because of the convenience that they offer. As we mentioned, you simply choose the templates you like and download them in PDF form to your computer. Unfortunately, at this time they cannot be exported to Excel or Word, but you can print them from the comfort of your own home. Once you have your chosen pages downloaded and printed, you simply insert them into a binder and begin organizing as needed.

You can set your binder up to track tasks by day, month, or even year. You’ll quickly find that you love the system so much that you may end up with a few binders. Some people like to create one binder for their personal life and another for their professional life.

What Can You Use The Happy Planner Inserts

These planner inserts can help organize aspects of your personal life, work life, or just about anything else you can think of. Let’s say you have children, in this case you can use the planners to organize doctor’s appointments, school functions, study dates, and so forth. For those who exercise regularly, the planners are perfect for separating leg day from shoulders, and so on. When you exercise, you generally watch your diet, so at the same time you can use it to begin planning meals or tracking what you eat. They’re also great for shopping, travelling, work, etc.

Anyone looking for help with organizational skills can benefit from using The Happy Planner inserts. People such as students, teachers, professionals, writers, mothers, wives, and so on will find them convenient to track important dates and times. Additionally, those who are fans of analog tools, stationery, and productivity tools will fall in love with them.

In the end, regardless why you want to use a Happy Planner insert, you’ll find our collection contains something for everyone. Simply choose the template(s) you like, download, and print!

Happy Planner Sizes

Format Size (inches)
Happy Planner Big 8.5 x 11 inches
Happy Planner Classic 7 x 9.25 inches
Happy Planner Half Sheet 4.125 x 9.25 inches
Happy Planner Mini 4.5 x 7 inches
Happy Planner Micro 3 x 4 inches
Happy Planner Skinny Mini 2.643 x 7 inches

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