Reading Log Templates


If you are one of the book worms who love reading or are going to make reading a regular habit, then reading logs can become incredibly useful tool for to help you make reading a hobby. Or probably you are an elementary school educator who needs to make sure the pupils have nice worksheets to track how many pages they read every day, so you can grade and reward them. Or probably you're busy parents who want a child to develop a reading habit. These printable templates are designed to help you capture the books you’ve read in the past of are reading now, summarize the content, track the reading time, rate the books and simply keep a reading journal.

Reading Log Templates

Download one of the classic reading log templates that have only the essentials so you can capture the name of the book, its author, time when you read a certain book and probably even rate it. Click the "Download & Print" button to choose your page size and save PDF file on your device or receive it via email.

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Reading Journal Templates

If you're a vivid reader, then you might even consider a reading journaling routine. This habit helps to make the most of each book and capture all the important and valuable insights so you don't forget anything quickly. Download once and print out as many pages as you want to take notes about each book and jot down your thoughts about your weekly reading or daily reading.

Reading Log Templates for Kids

Browse the selection of beautiful reading log templates for kids to control what and how much your kids read. These illustration are making reading log visually appealing, while the reading and journaling process fun and enjoyable. Download to help your kid keep track of reading activity, specify the amount of minutes spent on reading and control their reading homework progress easily.

Reading Journal Templates for Kids

If you want to teach your kid an accountability, make sure to consider downloading a reading journal template for kids. This templates are designed to help kids add more awareness to their reading and help them extract the most important insights from a book, learn quicker, and become smarter. Download these pages PDF and start using them today.


Whether you like fiction or non-fiction literature, horror, fantasy, self-help books or detectives, the journaling habit can take your reading experience to the entirely new level. Why? Because journaling and keeping the log provides you with the unique opportunity to maintain your personal reading habit or track the progress of your children or pupils if you’re a primary school teacher.

The reading log is actually a diary that allows you to take notes and jot down what matters the most when it comes to reading. It’s a simple printable template that has all the necessary sections for you to write down the name of the book, dates of reading and the number of pages you cover each day you read a book.

However, you can go even further and capture author’s name, briefly describe a plot and key insights or favorite scenes. Overall, you can choose whatever format you like and download a template that will fit it perfectly well. Start summarizing your thoughts, experiences and emotions in a well-organized way with the simple printable reading log.

The templates are available in PDF format and can be saved in various sizes including popular A4, A5, Letter and Half Letter. Before downloading a file you can customize the page size so you feel comfortable using it with your binder, planner or separately as standalone prints. Last but not least, you can download free printable demo template to see if it looks nice to you.

How to use a reading log?

Choose the layout you like the most based on your preferences and purpose. Decide how detailed your reading log should be and download a corresponding template in PDF format. Then open it via a browser or Adobe application to print it out at home or at the office. These files are compatible with all the printers. After you print out your reading log, you can personalize it with your own sketches or drawings and start filling it out.

Specify the name of a book you read, write down the date when you did it, mention the duration of your reading session and if applicable add your personal thoughts and emotions regarding the information or story from the book.

Ready to start? Get your hassle free reading log now.

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