Free Printable Weekly Planner Templates


If you like planning your day the old way with pen and paper, you know how difficult it might be to find the medium that can help you stay organized and productive.

Most of the planners come with a structure that might work perfectly well for one person and be totally useless for another one. They often lack flexibility and room for personalization.

The good news is that there is a better way to keep planning with pen and paper. A much more flexible tool is printable planner template.

If you prefer weekly planning, the weekly layout is a right choice for you. These templates will help you keep track of your tasks and appointments, organize easily your personal and work schedule. 

Here are the best weekly schedule templates you can customize and download free of charge. 

Weekly calendar template

Some people find undated format more convenient, because it doesn’t require any commitments. However, the dated planners make it easy to plan your life in advance and get your schedule structured easily. Weekly calendar templates come with miniature calendars and various useful sections to make planning simple. These templates are designed to help you prioritize the tasks, schedule important appointments or events and get things done on time.

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Weekly calendars with hours

If it’s not scheduled. It won’t get done. Make sure your tasks aren’t chaotically listed in your task list. Prioritize the things you set out to do and put them in your weekly schedule. This way you’ll always know what task to do next. Otherwise, you risk avoiding the difficult tasks and postponing what matters most.

These weekly templates come with simple sections for hourly planning. The templates are both dated and undated. Some of them also feature helpful sections such as to-do lists, goals, priorities etc. They can become a decent and very functional substitute for a classic personal planner. 

This printable weekly planner template is perfect for personal use 

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Two pages per week

Do you often need more space for your notes? These templates got your covered. This version of templates has two pages per week instead of a classic one page a week format. So there is always a lot of space for your notes and schedule. A well thought-out layout allows to organize your tasks and schedule your appointments easily, so you always get organized and stay on track with what matters most. The templates feature weekly planner pages.  

The dated format makes it easy to plan ahead and keep your schedule clean and clear.

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Productivity. Your success depends on it. Today, it’s impossible to conquer the hectic world without being organized every day. Therefore, it’s crucial to master everyday planning and do it the right way.

It’s time to employ the daily productivity tools designed to help you manage your time better.

If you are someone who likes to plan with pen and paper and values unlimited flexibility, make sure to consider these weekly planner printables. They are customizable, functional, simple and don’t require too much hassle to start working with. Download printable weekly planners for free to start planning today.

The convenient printable pdf format allows to store the templates and print them out when necessary.