Birthday Calendar Templates


Enjoy the collection of printable birthday calendars available in PDF format to use at the office or home. They are designed to help you capture the important dates, write down the birthday dates of the people you care about and never miss the important occasions ever again. This selection offers easy to use calendar templates that you can download, customize and create friends and family birthday calendar that you prefer.

Birthday Calendar Templates

Turn your birthday list into a visually intuitive and simple calendar that reminds you about the important dates and helps you get prepared properly for the day, buy the gifts, reserve the date and not forget to send a birthday card.

Customize the size of the page that fits you best, choose the date range and click the "Download" button to save the template on your device or get it sent to you via email.


Everyone seems to be incredibly busy today. Life gets more and more overwhelming and a huge list of responsibilities makes us miss the birthdays and important occasions. This also makes us feel silly when someone important in our life stays left without timely congratulations and birthday wishes.

To avoid such situations I designed birthday calendars that will help you organize all the important dates on one page and track birthdays, anniversaries, important events, celebrations and other occasions easily.

Download printable calendars in PDF format that’s compatible with your printer at office or home and print out as many pages as you want to add to your planner binder or use separately by attaching it to your wall or simply leaving it within your reach somewhere on your desk. Edit the templates via graphic editors to add the photos and type in the text or print out blank calendars and fill them out manually with pen or pencil. Alternatively, you can convert your PDF file into microsoft word format and edit it then. Before getting the template, please download free printable birthday calendar sample to see if it works for you.

These are perpetual birthday calendar templates so you can use them any year: in 2024 - 2025 and beyond and never forget another birthday again.

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