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Browse the selection of the best to do list templates designed to help you become more productive at work and life, keep track of everything on one page, organize your hourly schedule and tasks schedule and use time wisely.

Being productive starts with planning and organizing the working process properly. This is what planners and organizers are meant for. In its turn, the planning is all about scheduling your appointments and creating a list of tasks you need to get done. That’s what most people prefer to use task lists for or simply To Do Lists - the prioritized lists of tasks, chores and errands.

Welcome to the collection of the best to do lists where you can find incredible layouts of to-do lists and download printable to do list templates that you can use as insert sheets for your planners or as standalone printouts and productivity tools to get things done.

Digital To Do Lists

Weekly To Do List Templates

Browse the selection of weekly to-do list template layouts that help to organized your weekly scope of tasks that you set out to do and get a clear vision of your backlog for a week. Weekly task list template format is considered the most popular type of to-do list layouts because most people prefer to organize their work and life in weeks, starting from Sunday or Monday throughout the next days. This approach indeed proves to be very convenient as it allows you to be writing tasks down for an entire week and tracking tasks easily.

Choose the layout you like and click the "Download & Print" button below to customize templates and download blank to-do list template in PDF format and start using it today.

Weekly Tracker
To-Do List
Current Tasks
Personal Tasks

Daily To Do List Templates

Discover the best printable daily to-do list templates that you can use to organize your daily tasks and errands. Daily to-do lists are exceptionally useful for daily time management and task management as they allow you to avoid unnecessary distractions and focus completely on the tasks that matter during an entire day. Reply to all the emails, make important calls, host the meetings and get the work done with simple daily to-do lists.

Each template is available in various sizes and comes in PDF format. The available size are A4, A5, Letter and Half Letter. These sizes are compatible with most of the panners and binders.

Click the "Customize & Download" button below to choose the size and format of the item you like and save a to-do list PDF on your device.

Task List
To-Do List

Family To Do List Templates

Need to organize the responsibilities and tasks for an entire family? The good news is that it's easy with the simple to-do list and printable task list templates for families.

Enjoy the selection of family to-do list templates that differ based on the number of family members you have in your family. Download pdf with the to-do list, make list of tasks for each family member and take full control over the progress of completion on a daily weekly monthly basis. Assign each bullet to an assignee and get things done faster.

Please check out the templates from the family to-do lists category. Click "Download & Print" to get the printable checklist template for your family and assign the tasks to each of your family members, so you can use to-do lists today.


To do lists and task lists are an integral part of a work organization process. They became popular thanks to their simplicity and efficiency. They provide an opportunity to see an entire backlog of tasks and your roadmap at a glance. You can use todo list PDF to highlight the priority tasks and order them according to the level of importance to organize your personal workload as well as the workflow of entire teams. Because to do lists are perfect for managing project tasks and completing personal assignments.

The to-do list is indeed simple and universal tool that you can use for absolutely anything: organizing an event, getting prepared for a business trip, completing a project or making a productive day. Just choose the layout you like and get your printable todo list template to create a visual overview of your task list today, plan several tasks per day or outline the steps for completing a multi-step task.

This collection includes the professionally designed templates with weekly to do lists, daily to do lists and family to do lists - all available in three different styles: original, casual and floral. Each template offers free printables that you can download before purchasing a watermark-free version or getting unlimited access to the entire collection of planner templates.

Can't choose between daily weekly to-do lists? Download free to-do list samples to print task list templates at home and see how they may look like when printed and see which one may work better for you and will help your excel in your field. Need more than just a task list? Make sure to browse the collection of the best planner printables available on my site featuring a wide range of layout, functionality, purpose and design options.

All the templates come in PDF format. However you can use free online tools to convert files in word and open them via Google docs or similar software.

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