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Lined paper, ruled paper or writing paper (whatever you call it) is a type of paper that features horizontal lines printed on it. The lines are aimed at separating the lines of your hand-written text in order to make it easy for you to write and then read the text. In comparison with the traditional blank piece of paper or dot grid paper, lined templates make your hand-writing look smooth and ordered.

These templates are often used for calligraphy, noting music, and writing. The simple reason why ruled templates are so useful and popular is that a lot of people aren't good enough at writing in a straight line without a guide. And it's no wonder why. Most of us are so used to typing the text with the keyboards that we totally forget how to write in the longhand.

Check out the collection of the lined writing paper and download the one (or a bunch) you like for free. Note: Before downloading the file you can choose the size of the template. All papers come in PDF format.

Lined Paper Template Printables

Ruled Grid Left
Ruled Grid Right
Table 2-Column
Table 3-Column
Table 4-Column
List 2-Column
List 4-Blocks


There are several types lined paper templates come in:

  1. Preschool lined paper templates, also known as kids or kindergarten templates, are helpful for kids who are learning how to write. These templates usually come with attractive graphics and different colors in the background to make the learning process more interesting and engaging.
  2. Elementary school templates. They are not different from the preschool papers except for spacing between the lines.
  3. Music writing lined templates. If you ever need to write notes or any other music-related text, this type of templates is exactly what you need. It works well for both aspiring musicians and experienced professionals.
  4. College students. These templates work well for students who need to capture the lecture or make some notes. Despite lined templates can work for most subjects, graph paper worksheet would be a better choice for solving math equations.
  5. Notebook paper. This is not a completely different type of templates when it comes to the font or size or measured lines. It's rather about the purpose. You can download the templates and bind them together to add to your notebook.

You can realistically create lined paper yourself. But why would you spend precious time creating lined paper if you can choose ready-to-print templates and get whatever type lined paper you like in minutes.

While many people may prefer dot grid paper for drawing, the ruled paper is definitely #1 when it comes to writing. Each sheet of printable lined paper templates has a layout that will make each and every word of your text readable and easily digestible by a reader.

Choose from a variety of templates, different line heights and sizes formats the one that fits you best.

All the free printable templates come with the vertical lines that serve as margins. This simple feature makes each template perfect for using as a part of your notebook. It makes it easy to punch the holes and attach the templates to your binder.

Click Download & Print button to get your free printable PDF and download printable lined paper now.

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